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This week, I add another two restaurants to the N&N list, Anton’s and Café Kitsuné. As the end of the year draws close, the holidays usually draw out the ‘old New York’ nostalgia and it looks like Anton’s menu fits the bill. Chef Nick Anderer hails from Maialiano, Marta and Martina so the retro-but-updated pasta dishes will no doubt be solid. As for Café Kitsuné, the cafe-bistro is serving up a menu created by chef Yuji Tani that puts a Japanese twist on French classics and includes coffee, pastries, salads, sandwiches, and natural wines.

New & Noteworthy (week of Nov 18)

Anton’s Opened mid-November

Būmu Opened early-October

Café Kitsuné Opened mid-November

Daymoves   Opened mid-September

Golden Diner  Dinner service early-September

Gotham    Reopened early-September

Il Fiorista  Opened mid-September

Jean-Georges   Revamped Tasting Menus early-September

The Jones Opened late-August

Kochi Opened early-November

Llama-San Opened early-September

Nami Nori Opened early-October 

Xu’s Public House Opened early-November

This weekly list is not comprehensive of every new place but a short alphabetized list of new places that I think are notable.  Restaurants that have been opened for more than three months will not be included.

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