Kids Test Kitchen: Korean Beef

Recipe Tester: Vincent Yoh

Vincent is an 11 year-old New Yorker whose hobbies include gaming, drawing and baking. Previous test recipes include Edible Cookie Dough and Vanilla Cake.

RECIPE TESTED: Click here to get the recipe for Epicuious’ Korean Beef.


WHY THIS RECIPE? I chose this recipe because it is really delicious and is always an amazing dinner.

ALTERNATIVE SERVING SUGGESTION + PRO-TIP FROM VINCENT: We don’t serve the beef as a taco. We just serve with a bowl of rice, lettuce and kimchi.

Make sure to marinate overnight for best flavor.

Also, make sure to fully cook the beef as sometimes the insides are gooey if not cooked properly. I sometimes like it overcooked and a bit crispy.

I personally usually eat it with Sriracha especially when it’s crispy because it gives it more flavor and a kick!