Kids Test Kitchen: Vanilla Cake Recipe

Recipe Tester: Vincent Yoh

Vincent is an 11 year-old New Yorker whose hobbies include gaming, drawing and baking. This is Vincent’s second test recipe. His first was for Edible Cookie Dough.

RECIPE TESTED: Click here to get the recipe for Sally’s Baking Addiction Vanilla Cake.


WHY THIS RECIPE? I usually really like vanilla cake, and when I saw this recipe I really liked the look of it, how they displayed it and how they made it. I decided to look at other cake recipes and figured out this one would be best for me.  

PRO-TIP FROM VINCENT: We made the buttermilk with lemons, which was really good.  We also pushed a glass into the middle and filled the middle of the cake with a little frosting . It was a nice touch and topped off the cake. 

I personally thought we put a bit too much frosting on the outside (I don’t like too much frosting).

*Grades are from A (best) to F (worst)