New & Noteworthy (Week of March 2)

Those who mourned the closing of Barbuto last May after its sixteen year run on Washington Street can rejoice. Jonathan Waxman is back, and the Barbuto reboot is only a stone’s throw from its original location with the same open kitchen concept, large pizza oven, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows. Word is that the menu is largely unchanged as well, so rest assured, you can get your JW chicken with salsa verde. However, note that as of now, you can only get it between Tuesday and Saturday, 6-9 PM.

232 Bleeker Opened mid-December

Barbuto Opened late-February

Da Toscano Opened early-February

Ernesto’s Opened early-January

Kochi Opened early-November

Lekka Burger Opened mid-November

Piggyback NYC Opened mid-January

Sampotei Opened late-January

Thai Diner Opened mid-February

Verōnika Opened early-January

This weekly list is not comprehensive of every new place but a short alphabetized list of new places that I think are notable.  Restaurants that have been open for more than four months will not be included.