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Today is the first day of fall. While we have enjoyed some lingering hot weather, activity has ramped up — openings and launches abound.  So it seems fitting that the one addition to this week’s list is a cafe where patrons can drink great coffee and rest and recharge between the day’s demands.  Daymoves from James Murphy, Christina Topsøe, Justin Chearno, and Randy Moon opens in Brooklyn, next to his restaurant and wine bar, The Four Horseman. We know Murphy is a coffee expert and even helped create a custom espresso blend from Blue Bottle so there is faith that every cup will be beyond decent.  Sey, Café Integral, and Coptic Light are some labels that will be poured. 

New & Noteworthy (week of Sep 23)

AyadaOpened late-June

Daymoves   Opened mid-September

Golden Diner  Dinner service early-September

Gotham Bar & Grill     Reopened early-September

HutongOpened early-July 

Jean-Georges Revamped Tasting Menus early-September

The Jones Opened late-August

L’Accolade    Opened mid-July

LaLou Opened late-June

Llama-San Opened early-September

Malibu Farm  Opened early-September

Red Paper Clip Opened late-July

Red Peony Opened late-August

This weekly list is not comprehensive of every new place but a short alphabetized list of new places that I think are notable.  Restaurants that have been opened for more than three months will not be included.

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