New & Noteworthy

I was trying to picture where the newest establishment from Jody Williams and Rita Sodi was on Grove Street. The website notes that it is located “across the street from the couple’s other beloved restaurants,Via Carota, I Sodi, and Buvette.”  The other day, I was in a taxi lurching through the traffic lights on Seventh Avenue South when I saw the name, large and almost glittering (I think it was glistening from the rain). It is right on the corner and while it is small, like Buvette and I Sodi, it exudes something bigger.  It definitely had the personality of a corner restaurant! 

This week, I am moving Jiang Diner and  Maison Yaki which was recently reviewed in the New Yorker, and adding Ayada, a popular Thai restaurant in Elmhust, which opened up a second location in Chelsea Market.  I have missed the hole-in-the-wall Chelsea Thai which was there for 21 years before closing due to rent increases.  I would forge through the throngs of tourists the next time I am in the Meatpacking District for some tasty Thai.

New & Noteworthy (week of June 24)

Ayada  Opened late-June

Bar Pisellino    Opened mid-May

The Fulton    Opened mid-May

HaSalon    Opened mid-April

Le Jardinier    Opened late-May

Pastis Opened early-June

Rezdora Opened mid-May