New & Noteworthy

Even though we are entering August, the summer month that seems the most quiet in NYC, there seems to be no shortage of openings of interest. This week, I’m adding the latest in the David Chang empire, Bar Wayō, in the Seaport District. The name, in Japanese, is a combo of East and West and the menu has uncomplicated casual gestures to such fare, e.g. onion rings with ranch and roe.  I think the view may be the main draw so worth checking out if you are in the area.

The other is a fine dining restaurant coming from two former Blue Hill at Stone Barns alumni, Red Paper Clip. After a series of pop-ups, Tashi Gyamtso and Kevin Chen, have a permanent 24-seat spot in the West Village. I could not find the menu on their website but articles mention dishes like oysters with yuzu kosho mignonette, beef carpaccio with Sichuan chile oil, soup dumpling agnolotti and sea bass with umeboshi and spring onion.

New & Noteworthy (week of July 29)

Ayada      Opened late-June

Bar Pisellino    Opened mid-May

Bar Wayō  Opened late-July

The Fulton    Opened mid-May

Hutong      Opened early-July 

L’Accolade    Opened mid-July

LaLou Opened late-June

Le Jardinier    Opened late-May

Pastis         Opened early June

Red Paper Clip Opened late-July

Rezdora     Opened mid-May

Sullivan Street Pizza Opened mid-June

This weekly list is not comprehensive of every new place but a short alphabetized list of new places that I think are notable.  Restaurants that have been opened for more than three months will not be included.