Media Monday

Apple iTunes EOL.
Live broadcast today Apple WWDC19 –  10:00 a.m. PDT

The discontinuation of iTunes is good news.  iTunes was always a glorified spreadsheet never a solution. Glad to see it go, and welcome new media compartmentalization + specialization applications.  It sets the table for Apple to move properly into the TV media space.

National Broadcast

The New York Times new television series — The Weekly — debuted on Sunday

CBS News– CBS This Morning is now CTM. They blew up the talent pool and new anchor configurations are in place. The ratings up the first week of Gayle TV. Ratings for the program posted 3.1 million total viewers, up .1 from the normal 3M. I stopped watching and tune in to WPIX morning show – they took the emmy this year.

Youtube’s Algorithm

YouTube continues to fall far from any kind of meaningful curation or relevant discovery– failing hard and to the right.   This week attention to the profiting from racism and homophobia is just another in an endless list of examples. (new one from this morning – not kidding – it’s hard to keep up)

How hard would it be to follow all videos with a proper class of video content. Even if they just defaulted to PSA’s and educational programing they would be miles ahead of the hate discovery monetization algo in place now.

Link Round-up

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