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Amazon’s Plan to Move in to Your Next Apartment Before You Do [wsj] Last November, Amazon announced its partnership with Zego, now a subsidiary of PayLease, one of the largest rent-payment ser- vices in the U.S. Zego has created a system that allows tenants to control their apartment’s thermo- stat and locks using Alexa technology and an app. —– The system is already in more than 30,000 apartments across the U.S. (Surveillance economy infected apartments-ED)

Have addressed this larger embed strategy previously. Be it the above example, or many others, location tracking, etc before society can reckon with their impact and legality. This trend of in apartment surveillance being acceptable for renters (Hudson Yards cameras for low income housing) You start to see a dangerous deployment trend move unchecked.

“There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy,” Facebook counsel Orin Snyder said during a pretrial hearing to dismiss a lawsuit stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Just remember that when you here Facbook CEO and employees talk about privacy.

iPhone Privacy Is Broken…and Apps Are to Blame [wsj] Sephora? Ten third-party trackers. The company said it uses the data to improve customer experiences through personalization. Meditation apps surprised me with an average of six trackers each.—And yes, The Wall Street Journal’s iPhone app had five trackers, including Facebook, Google, some analytics services and the market- ing firm AppsFlyer. (Good for them for calling out their own publication- ED)

Blockchain Settlement Was Slow, Costly in Trial, Weidmann Says [bloomberg] advocates of distributed ledger technology say it has the potential to be cheaper and faster than current settlement mechanisms, Jens Weidmann said the Bundesbank project did not bear those out.

Six lessons from my deepfake research at Stanford How should we journalists address the growing problem of synthetic

  • Are there any glitches and inconsistencies in the video or audio?
  • Do you trust the source?
  • Can you find corroborating footage?
  • How can journalists examine the geo-location and other meta-data?

Link Round up

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Finn Wolfhard , Calpurnia frontman + Stranger Things actor looking a lot like Bob Dylan in this leather bike/varsity jacket combo in this Saint Laurent advert that ran full page in todays WSJ.