Manifest v3, Facebook + NSA, Age-gate, WPLJ Signs off.

Irish Supreme Court Dismisses Facebook’s Complaint on NSA Surveillance [pdf] Facebook’s application was denied in substance (copy of today’s judgment). While the Supreme Court found that it has the jurisdiction to intervene with a lower court’s reference, Facebook was unable to substantiate the application and the Supreme Court decided to not take the actions requested by Facebook.

What If Google’s `Knowledge Panels’ Insist You’re Dead? Or Married? Or French? [wsj] Google’s algorithm wraps up people, places and things into boxes the company calls “knowledge panels.” The panels gather information from Wikipedia and many other sources on the internet.

Brookings Discussion with CIA Privacy & Civil Liberties Officer
Benjamin Huebner
, the CIA’s privacy and civil liberties officer, spoke on the balance of transparency and secrecy at an event hosted by the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC.

Behavioral Ad Targeting Not Paying Off for Publishers, Study Suggests – [wsj]  Publishers’ inability to benefit much from behavioral targeting could have implications for policy as lawmakers in Washington, D.C., debate the shape of national privacy legislation. The ad industry is pushing for new federal rules, partly to head off the risk of a state-by-state patchwork of privacy laws, following the passage of California’s own privacy regulations.

Tech and media companies reject UK ‘age-gate’ proposals [ft] A six-week consultation on the proposed rules will close on Friday, but companies and industry groups have loudly pushed back on the plans, cautioning that they could unintentionally quash start-ups and endanger people’s personal data. Google and Facebook are also expected to submit critical responses to the consultation.

As mentioned yesterday Google to Restrict Modern Ad Blocking Chrome Extensions to Enterprise Users [googledoc] This at the same time Firefox has deployed a build that allows users to block known cryptominers and fingerprinters in the Custom settings of their Content Blocking preferences. (<—click here now, modify yours)

NYC Broadcast notes: WPLJ 95.5 signs off today after a long run. If you lived in the tri-state area you listened to this station at some point in your life.  Also yesterday Diana Williams 40 years an anchor on Eyewitness News signed off on-air last night.

As one friend wrote on Twitter – “grew up with a radio and tape recorder next to my bed ready to hit record at any moment during PLJ’s core album rock phase. My teachers were Jim Kerr, Pat St. John, Jimmy Fink and Carol Miller. RIP WPLJ

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