Brainwash Dataset, UCCS

Colorado students unknowingly photographed for facial recognition study The Denver Post reported Monday that the images were posted online and were available to be downloaded from 2016 until April of this year. Professor Terrance Boult, who ran the project, and university officials defended the project to the Post.

Brainwash is a dataset of webcam images taken from the Brainwash Cafe in San Francisco  The Brainwash dataset includes 11,917 images of “everyday life of a busy downtown cafe” and is used for training head detection surveillance algorithms – The Brainwash dataset is unique because it uses images from a publicly available webcam that records people inside a privately owned business without any consent. No ordinary cafe customer would ever suspect that their image would end up in dataset used for surveillance research and development, but that is exactly what happened to customers at Brainwash cafe in San Francisco.

Police in Canada Are Tracking People’s ‘Negative’ Behavior in a ‘Risk’ Database [vice] That said, the results from our initial tournaments are promising. So far, we’ve found that when three radio networks share the spectrum, their predictions are much better than when four or five teams try to share the same amount. But we’re not done yet, and our teams are currently building even better systems. Perhaps, on 23 October 2019 at SC2’s live championship event at Mobile World Congress Americas, in Los Angeles, those systems will demonstrate, more successfully than ever before, that AI-operated radios can work together to create a new era of wireless communications.

DIY Facial Recognition for Porn Is a Dystopian Disaster In a Monday post on Weibo, the user, who says he’s based in Germany, claimed to have “successfully identified more than 100,000 young ladies” in the adult industry “on a global scale.”

Loro (Them)  Krzysztof Wodiczko, 2019  During the live performance, a swarm of customized drones carrying LED screens and amplified sound will implicate the public in a series of intimate debates led by immigrant Milanesi. The eyes and the voice of the airborne machines will belong to a cast of migrants ranging in immigration experience, national origin, and age.

Amazon defeated Rekognition revolt by a large margin [bbc] “My office has had nine meetings with representatives from Amazon. We ask questions of experts across the spectrum, and my concerns only grow day by day,” commented Democrat congressman Jimmy Gomez. “Shareholders did not not end up passing a ban of Rekognition… and you know what? That just means it’s more important Congress acts.” Republican congressman Jim Jordan added: “It is virtually unregulated but I think that frankly that needs to change.”

The Missing WireGuard Documentation:Setup, Usage, Configuration, and a full example for server-to-server VPN with roaming clients & public peers.


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