Data Ethics and Diversity Practices

Every organization needs to have strategies in place around data ethics — the impact of what is collected, how, retention, use and ownership. The sister strategy to this is proper process that makes inclusion and diversity a practice as a part of everything from product design, operations, management culture, core values, …everything.

To paraphrase an old AT&T advert — If you are not — ‘you will’

The implications for every organization critical. Executed wrong it can cost billions in the data department alone. Privacy is finally something people are talking about. Its opaqueness and abstraction being peeled away and people are horrified about unethical practices, lack of disclosure and all the associated  implications. See- social media any day of the week.

If you are launching any product and have not checked it against being culturally or morally tone-deaf , designed with diversity, and data ethics in mind — you are doing it wrong.

This is an area of focus of mine both as an investment thesis and providing strategies for success. Data ethics is a business advantage with both profit and cost implications. Diversity in everything you do – the right way with equall. The intersection of the two is a partnership for trust.