Tuesday Link Round-up

Okay back to link goodness

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Protecting Nonverbal Data Tracked in Virtual Reality [pdf] (StanfordVR)
In this sense, hours of personal use within VR systems will provide the training data for algorithms that pair body language with subsequent behavioral outcomes, but the value in estimating outcomes could extend to the real world. The sci- ence fiction notion of determining future behavior—whether about what people buy, if they are ill, whom they want to date, or even if they might commit a crime—becomes a possibility. One can imagine spon- sored content that is designed for the sole purpose of determining future behavior. Instead of the typical strategy of product place- ment, sponsors could feature compelling VR experiences that are the equivalent of a Rorschach test, which elicit telling nonverbal pat- terns that they will later seek to detect in the physical world.

We Built a (Legal) Facial Recognition Machine for $60 [NYT]

AT&T sold its 9.5 percent stake in Hulu back to the streaming service at a $15 billion valuation. (WSJ)

Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads in the App Store and Apple News [apple]

Being Tracked While Reporting in China, Where ‘There Are No Whys’ [nyt]

15 Months of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook [WIRED]