Weekend Cooking

Some of the most fun I have in the kitchen is when I have focus, or purpose. This may come from concocting something from ingredients I want to use up in the pantry or fridge, or when I have a specific audience to cook for.

Bananas, so many bananas

I had never ordered bananas from Fresh Direct before but had placed a large grocery order in anticipation of my nephew’s stay over his Spring Break.  Of course, I ended up guessing at what he would like and ordered breakfast goods across the spectrum–yogurts, breads, granola and fruit.  And as for fruit, I figured bananas would be a safe bet.

The price for a single order was about $2 so I figured I would get about 3-4 bananas but what arrived was a bunch of over a dozen!  The week came and went. I was left with more than ten bananas.

I had a bag of vegan chocolate chips so decided to look up plant-based baked goods using bananas and chocolate chips and decided upon a recipe by Chloe Coscarelli. The recipe originally was for bread but I decided to make it into a bundt cake.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bundt Cake

So that used about three bananas.  I froze the rest of them to use in smoothies in the future. The vegan banana chocolate chip bundt was tasty but far too much to keep and so made some gift packages for friends.

Brownie cravings

The chocolate chips kindled a craving for more chocolate, specifically a chewy brownie. Instead of making the usual small tray, I decided to make mini bites.

Mini-Brownie Bites

These brownie bites are convenient as single bites but also easy to halve and spread a healthy layer of ice cream.  I have always loved ice cream with cake crumbs or in this case, brownie chunks. I prefer the larger cake crumbles to grainy cookie crumbs, sort of like the difference between panko to old-school sandy breadcrumbs. The texture is completely different!

Cooking lunch for the boys

Our friends’ sons were on their own for a few days and we got the call that they come do lunch on Saturday.  Of course, in high school time, lunch happens at 4:30pm.

I thought a bento favorite, chicken katsu would be easy, tasty and filling.  The usual accompaniment would be steamed broccoli but decided to roast them instead.  This, along with some Tamaki rice (my favorite brand) and a big bottle of bulldog tonkatsu sauce, completed lunch.  

Chicken Katsu

Brisk days

Spring has been struggling to emerge, and many days are still brisk and cold.  An easy go-to lunch soup is creamless tomato. I made a big batch to enjoy and to freeze for another chilly day, which would no doubt be far off.

Creamless Tomato Soup

Understanding the distance between characters

DSK: “Data protection compliant operation of a [Facebook] fan page is not possible.” [datenschutzzentrum.de] (End of day for ‘fan pages’ perhaps., -ED) Translated Among other things, the ECJ emphasized that “the fanpages maintained on Facebook can also be visited by people who are not Facebook users and therefore do not have a user account on this social network. In this case, the responsibility of the operator of the fan page with regard to the processing of personal data of these persons appears even higher, since the mere access of the fan page by visitors automatically triggers the processing of their personal data. “

Facebook Bends to EU Pressure on ‘Misleading’ Fine Print [WSJ/30] , Facebook will spell out for users how it makes money by using personal information about them to sell targeted advertising, and clarify that it can be held liable for misuse of user data when it “has not acted with due professional diligence.”

Old-school printed books may be better than e-books for teaching kids to read [cbc.ca/20]in a recent issue of the journal Pediatrics, Munzer said parents and toddlers chatted less about what was happening in the story when reading an e-book together. With an electronic story, more of the dialogue focused on swiping the page, tapping, or struggles over who was in control of the tablet, Munzer said.

This is why we can’t have nice things [digitstodollars.com/3] However, for the majority of the industry, the hard, cold reality is that handset profits are non-existent. And the only way for these companies to remain viable is to sell out their users. The foundations of Surveillance Capitalism are built on this. And the only way out of this is to change the underlying economics of handsets. It is not clear how that would come about. Certainly, the rise in phone prices seen in recent years may help. But those phones are only viable for a small segment of the population.

Counting the Countless – Why data science is a profound threat for queer people [realifemag/2] As with administrative violence, we have to ask, Who does this harm the most? The people caught in this trap are disproportionately likely to be already marginalized, already marked — the poor, immigrants, people of color. The system’s integration with things like apps for discounts and coupons renders people without smartphones invisible.

Top Ten Most Challenged Books Top Eleven for 2018 #2 book on the list is a spoof of Mike Pence. ‘A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo’ by Jill Twiss, illustrated by EG KellerReasons: banned and challenged for including LGBTQIA+ content, and for political and religious viewpoints


Database: Acoustic + meta features of albums and songs on the Billboard 200 [componants.one/2] A database containing the following tables: 574,000 rows containing all albums in the Billboard 200 from 1/5/1963 to 1/19/2019. Each row contains the album’s place in the charts, the week of the chart, album name, artist name, and where available from Spotify and not null in the table, the number of tracks, and length of the album in milliseconds. This table is titled “albums”.

Public Sans – A strong, neutral typeface for text or display [digital.gov]

Repeater Data Dump [bandcamp] Love the format of this release —Some folders will be labeled by the name of contributor and others regarding its content, others may be more cryptic! You can expect to find: A mix tape of music recorded and produced during the residency. Interviews, jpegs, videos, mp3s, Html, PDFs and etc etc

Ethical Alternatives & Resources [ethical.net]