Week Ending Links

U.S. blocks Amazon efforts to stop shareholder votes on facial recognition [Reuters/13] Decisions including one on Wednesday by officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) followed an unusual appeal by Amazon to block the non-binding proposals from being voted on at the company’s upcoming annual meeting. One proposal would require Amazon to cease offering facial recognition to governments unless the company’s board determined sales did not violate civil liberties. A second would call for an audit to examine the harm to rights and privacy, if any, that might result from the service, known as Rekognition.

Motel 6 to pay $12 million after sharing guest info with ICE [ksdk/29] Motel 6 will pay $12 million in restitution after voluntarily providing guest lists to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement without the guests’ knowledge or consent. “It was a methodical approach to turn over guests’ names, even without a warrant, essentially no questions asked,” Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Thursday. (Motel Snitch -ed)

What AI Can Tell From Listening to You [wsj] But emotion AI must overcome a big hurdle before it goes mainstream: People are uncomfortable with it. In survey findings released last year, Gartner reported that 52% of more than 4,000 respondents in the U.S. and U.K. said they didn’t want their facial expressions to be analyzed by AI. And 63% said they didn’t want AI to be constantly listening to get to know them.“Voicesense is one of the speech-based AI systems that says it can make applicant screening more effective.”

Australia passes social media law penalising platforms for violent content [theguardian/15] Labor supports legislation in response to Christchurch shooting that threatens jail for executives, despite media companies’ concerns

Nam June Paik at the Whitney: A Work of Dizzying Complexity [NYT/24] These animations are all from Paik’s most extensively used visual and aural source: Kraftwerk’s 1986 music video for “Musique Non Stop,” a pioneering early example of computer-generated animation by Rebecca Allen. (Her name appears in part of the piece, as does that of Paul Garrin, who, as Paik’s assistant, was responsible for the variations on the female nude.) “Musique Non Stop” also supplies the main soundtrack; its mechanized sound and distorted voices, like its animation, are of a piece with Kraftwerk’s robot aesthetic.

How China Turned A City Into A Prison  [nyt/20]

Camera Above the Classroom – Chinese schools are using facial recognition on students. But should they? [sixthtone/5]

Facebook’s Ad Algorithm Is A Race And Gender Stereotyping Machine, New Study Suggests [theintercept./0] Critically, we observe significant skew in delivery along gender and racial lines for “real” ads for employment and housing opportunities despite neutral targeting parameters. Our results demonstrate previously unknown mechanisms that can lead to potentially discriminatory ad delivery, even when advertisers set their targeting parameters to be highly inclusive.

Ad Industry Critiques Cannes Lions’ Choice of Cambridge Analytica CEO as Featured Speaker [adweek/25] This seems like the conference version of clickbait: a session that is purposefully engineered to stir outrage,” said Ana Milicevic, principal and co-founder of marketing-focused consultancy Sparrow Advisers. “There’s no shortage of experts focused on the intersection of data, politics and ethics. It’s high time the advertising industry approaches this topic not as a carnival sideshow where the opinions of demonstrably bad actors are welcomed with open arms but as a serious discipline that’s integral to our relevance and future.”

Small stickers on the ground trick Tesla autopilot into steering into opposing traffic lane [boingboing/26] Researchers from Tencent Keen Security Lab have published a report detailing their successful attacks on Tesla firmware, including remote control over the steering, and an adversarial example attack on the autopilot that confuses the car into driving into the oncoming traffic lane.

Is Your Model 3 Watching You [livingtesla/17] You may or may not have noticed a small little camera positioned just above the rear view mirror of the Tesla Model 3. Every Model 3 produced has this camera. 

Americans Hate Social Media but Can’t Give It Up, WSJ/NBC News Poll Finds [wsj/37] saying they regard services such as Facebook FB -0.14% to be divisive and a threat to privacy but continue to use them daily.

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