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Behavioral biomarkers, Rent control cameras

Watch 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM – live stream Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics [] Witnesses Sidewalk Labs
• Dan Doctoroff, Chief Executive Officer
• Micah Lasher, Head of Policy and Communications
• John Brodhead, Director of Policy and Strategy

Researchers tap artificial intelligence to assess mental health Does Your Smartphone Know if You’re Depressed? [wsj]

Besides using semantic tools or photo analysis on your social media posts to understand how you feel – cameras can now infer the same information. These two quotes in the context of the current surveillance capitalism market place take on new meaning. In one context it’s a health win, in another a weapon.

“We built a dictionary of these behavior markers for different mental-health disorders,”

“The technology gives you a summary of these behavior markers and we can use it as part of a treatment to see how that person is behaving today compared to a month ago.”

I modified a quote to show future potential implications

Artificial intelligence “can sense people’s facial expression and behaviors to help doctors do a more objective assessment of mental health, to use in predictive policing or helping insurance companies not issue policies to those with pre-existing conditions.

The Landlord Wants Facial Recognition in Its Rent-Stabilized Buildings. Why? [NYT] The fear that marginalized groups will fall under increased surveillance as these technologies progress in the absence of laws to regulate them hardly seems like dystopian hysteria…… A flyer from Nelson Management promoting the technology was conceived to persuade the doubters: “Your daily access experience will be frictionless, meaning you touch nothing and show only your face. From now on the doorway will just recognize you!”

Creepy Airport Face Scans Like China’s Aren’t Just Coming to America—They’re Already Here: [gizmodo] Crucially, Delta’s face-scanning kiosks aren’t automatic, and flyers can opt out of using them, but America’s airport facial recognition programs raise many of the same concerns China’s do—right now, right here in the U.S. Anyone who cares about who’s scanning their face or how it will be used should be wary of this tech being promoted as a simple “convenience.”

Cities Can See Where You’re Taking That Scooter [Slate/11] The Los Angeles Department of Transportation gets this kind of information through a groundbreaking digital tool it recently developed for all kinds of vehicles called the Mobility Data Specification, or MDS