Daily Dish 021619

Daily Dish Saturday Feb 16, MMXIX
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United States Government Accountability Office- Internet Privacy [gao.gov/0]  Additional Federal Authority Could Enhance Consumer Protection and Provide Flexibility Report to the Chairman, Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives – January 2019GAO-19-52  – This part of their conclusions could be the greatest understatement of our times…  “Recent developments regarding Internet privacy suggest that this is an appropriate time for Congress to consider comprehensive Internet privacy legislation”

Why CISA issued our first Emergency Directive [dhs.gov/1] malicious actors obtained access to accounts that controlled DNS records and made them resolve to their own infrastructure before relaying it to the real address. Because they could control an organization’s DNS, they could obtain legitimate digital certificates and decrypt the data they intercepted – all while everything looked normal to users.

What will change with the EU’s new copyright law?  [techregister.co.uk/2] The first change to copyright law in the EU in almost two decades is designed to give artists, musicians and publishers a better chance of being paid when their work appears on the internet.  Fully expect this line to be of  robust debate in the publishing / DSP space…. “the use of snippets shouldn’t undermine the exercise of the publishers right”  in Music – The new rules would allow artists whose material is not captured by Content ID to demand YouTube remove any unauthorized uploads.

The Moral Choice Machine: Semantics Derived Automatically from Language Corpora Contain Human-like Moral Choices  (pdf) [aies-conference.com/o] Allowing machines to choose whether to kill humans would be devastating for world peace and security. But how do we equip machines with the ability to learn ethical or even moral choices? Here, we show that applying machine learn-ing to human texts can extract deontological ethical reasoning about ”right” and ”wrong” conduct.

Welcome to the age of the hoax [FT/4] Weekend long reads- In the digital world, the possibilities for self-invention are almost limitless. So are we all scammers now?

Dear Tech: An Open Letter to the Industry [youtube/2] IBM is asking the question: what kind of tech company does the world need today? One that applies smart technologies at scale with purpose and expertise—not just for some of us, but for all of us. Let’s expect more from technology. Let’s put smart to work. ibm.com/smart