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Law:  The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled consumers can sue firms for biometric privacy violations —->even without proving harm, <—– the Biometric Information Privacy Act. (Source: P.A. 95-994, eff. 10-3-08.) [ilga.gov]

Tool: List of open source real-time operating systems [osrtos.com]

Tool :  Visual Noises [ramesaliyev.com] 1D and 2D visualisations of White Noise, Value Noise and Perlin Noise. For further understanding refer to learning resources.

Surveillance: Peter Thiel’s Secretive Data Giant Palantir Finally Raking in Cash [WSJ] Palantir’s government arm separately continues to make money, in part thanks to a tradition of dismissing internal and external criticism about its affiliation with unpopular agencies worldwide. The company late last year signed a $42 million contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a filing shows.

Ethics: Artist Drops Massive Opioid Spoon at Entrance of Another Sackler-Owned Drug Manufacturer  [hypeprallergenic] “The burnt spoon sculpture (Purdue) embodies the pain I have felt dealing with substance use disorder in my family,” he continues. “The road to recovery is long, tedious and at times full of despair; and like so many families in a similar position it is a road not well understood. Many people do not even realize that opioid addiction is a disease.”

Trend: Will This “AI Dinner Party” Be Fashion Week’s Most Out-of-Body Experience? [WSJ] Wainwright is devising a more unusual way to show off his fall 2019 collection in New York this week: a Last Supper–themed, celebrity-packed dinner party, hosted by an unseen AI host and turned into a conceptual video set to an original, unreleased Thom Yorke song.

Narratives: Where Next For Interactive Stories?  Netflix’s recent Bandersnatch (part of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror series) has also explored similar challenges, whilst simultaneously sparking the discussion about ‘choose your own adventure’ style interactive narratives. With the medium currently back in focus it feels like a good time to ask where the future of interactive storytelling lies and how BBC R&D are helping to shape it?

Review: ‘The goal is to automate us’: welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism [Guardian] Surveillance capitalism moves from a focus on individual users to a focus on populations, like cities, and eventually on society as a whole. Think of the capital that can be attracted to futures markets in which population predictions evolve to approximate certainty.

Review: Capitalism’s New Clothes  [thebaffler.com]  Shoshana Zuboff’s new book on “surveillance capitalism” emphasizes the former at the expense of the latter