Daily Dish 020619

Daily Dish Feb 6, MMXIX
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DNS Servers You Should Have Memorized [danielmiessler]

Audio-First  [spotify]

Amazon Knows What You Buy. And It’s Building a Big Ad Business From It [NYT]

What does Facebook’s #tenyearchallenge tell us about public awareness of data and algorithms? [lse.ac.uk]

Alan Kay, 2018: The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It. But Is It Already Too Late? [youtube]

Meeting No. 134 ETHI – Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics [parl.gc.ca]

The 5G Network & The Possible Threat To Cybersecurity Fresh Air [NPR]  48:04 Download

The Great Airwaves Robbery II Will Taxpayers or Satellite Companies Receive $15-40 Billion? [New America/youtube]

Artists asked to pay $875 to participate in surveillance capitalism art washing program.   [mvvo art]

State of the nation in a photograph  [NBC]