Daily Dish 020419

Still getting my head around the fact that a virtual concert by DJ Marshmello within Fortnite attracted 10 MILLION concurrent players and 60M estimated total viewers on Saturday.  video of the show–>  fortnite marshmallow event  [youtube]. This plays well with the “Events Are the New Magazines”.  “The millennials go crazy for experiences”

‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’ [wapo] When we go off to war. When we exercise our rights. When we soar to our greatest heights. When we mourn and pray. When our neighbors are at risk. When our nation is threatened. There’s someone to gather the facts. To bring you the story. No matter the cost. Because knowing empowers us. Knowing helps us decide. Knowing keeps us free.

David Mack [twitter]  the immigration agent at JFK just saw that i work for buzzfeed and just grilled me for 10 minutes about the cohen story which was fun given he gets to decide whether to let me back into the country”

New report on predictive policing in the UK.  (PDF) via Data Justice Lab project

Amazon fires employees who supported “yellow vest” blockades of Amazon sites  /Amazon licencie des salariés qui ont affiché leur soutien aux blocages des “gilets jaunes”   According to the letters of “dismissal for serious misconduct” published by “Le Parisien”, employees of the American giant would have demonstrated a “behavior in total opposition to the values of the company”

Use of predictive policing programs in UK risks entrenching discrimination  [guardian] report – The rapid growth in the use of computer programs to predict crime hotspots and people who are likely to reoffend risks locking discrimination into the criminal justice system, a report has warned. Amid mounting financial pressure, at least a dozen police forces are using or considering the predictive analytics. Leading police officers have said they want to make sure any data they use has “ethics at its heart”.

The Art of PNG Glitch [github.io] PNG is an image format that has a history of development beginning in 1995, and it is still a popular, long living format. Generally, it is known for its features such as lossless compression and the ability to handle transparent pixels. However, we do not look at image formats from a general point of view, but rather think of ways to glitch them. When we look at PNG from the point of view of glitch, what kind of peculiarity does it have?

Federal Bureau of Investigation  Vault Home • Russell Tyrone Jones  Russell Tyrone Jones (1968-2004), aka “Ol’ Dirty Bastard”, was a member of the hip-hop music group known as the Wu-tang Clan. The FBI looked into the group’s activities under criminal enterprise statutes but no charges were filed based on these investigations. The file ranges from 1999 to 2004.