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Daily Dish Thursday 17th January, MMXIX
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You Deserve Privacy Online. Here’s How You Could Actually Get It  [Time]  But laws alone aren’t enough to ensure that individuals can make use of their privacy rights. We also need to give people tools that they can use to take action. To that end, here’s an idea that could make a real difference

Vimeo ‘Fined’ €8.5m for Failure to Remove Copyrighted TV Content [torrentfreak] Importantly, the Court determined that service providers who play an “active role” including “cataloging, indexing and commissioning” content cannot benefit from the safe harbor exemptions offered by the Electronic Commerce Directive 2000/31/EC.

Hack Brief: An Astonishing 773 Million Records Exposed In Monster Breach [wired] (change your passwords -ed) The data set was first reported by security researcher Troy Hunt, who maintains Have I Been Pwned, a way to search whether your own email or password has been compromised by a breach at any point. (Trick question: It has.) The so-called Collection #1 is the largest breach in Hunt’s menagerie, and it’s not particularly close.

Electric Scooters Taken Prisoner in the New Class War [dailybeast] In San Francisco, which is experiencing soaring income inequality as Silicon Valley companies and low-income locals compete for limited space, vandals cracked into a Bird and exposed the valuable motherboard inside, Makezine reported last year. Tech blogger Jamie Zawinski estimated the interior electronics were worth about $70, and argued that, due to a city ruling against the scooter companies, it was legal for San Franciscans to gut the vehicles for parts. “Maybe you can re-purpose this parasitic, Commons-destroying litter into something fun,” he wrote.

Desktop music player focused on streaming from free sources [Nuclear] Stream from any free source on the internet. Supports Youtube and Soundcloud out of the box, with a plugin system allowing for easy addition of more.  Supports scrobbling to last.fm and updating the now playing status.  Nuclear is developed on Github under Affero GPL, with the “GNU/Linux first” mindset. This means it respects your freedom, and we’re giving you full access to source code, so you can modify it and contribute to the project.

NYC Kiosks Invite Artists to Pay Nearly $1,000 to Show Their Work – (It is no secret that I think these things are illegal and the furthest thing from a community bulletin board anyone who lives in a city can imagine- ed)  Artwashing like only the surveillance economy can… by asking artists to pay AND then co-opted  @LinkNYC we see your normalization plan and reject it.  (Author takes the long way around to get to the right conclusions -ed)

How To Find Hidden Cameras & Spy Gear Like a Professional: The Definitive Guide [senteltechsecurity] This is without a doubt most thorough guide to detecting hidden cameras and covert spy gear that is online

How Secrecy Fuels Facebook Paranoia [nyt] The company is at least capable of knowing how a piece of content found its way from one user to thousands or how a gilets jaunes group functions on the social platform. Far more than any outside researchers, Facebook is capable of answering questions about the Internet Research Agency in 2016

Palantir Posted Nearly $1 Billion in 2018 Sales, Executive Says[Bloomberg] Roughly half of last year’s revenue came from government agencies, such as the U.S. Defense Department, and the other half from corporate customers, including Airbus SE, Merck KGaA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV,

Yelp version history on last app update. ‘had trained a neural net to eliminate all the bugs in the app and it deleted everything.’

They Own the System’: Amazon Rewrites Book Industry by Marching Into Publishing [wsj] Amazon commands some 72% of adult new book sales online, and 49% of all new book sales by units, according to book-industry research firm Codex Group LLC.

Hilton Als on Giving James Baldwin Back His Body  [NewYorker] It really began with the photographer James Welling and early photographs he made that were an experiment with color and texture. He was interested in how to make the color black, and thinking about Welling’s work started me thinking about Baldwin’s body and how the body has sort of been taken away from him.