Daily Dish 011219

Daily Dish Sat 12th January, MMXIX
Dispute The Text 

Explore ISS on Google Maps [google]  Very cool inside mapping of the ISS. surprised by the amount of digital mess, cables etc.

Man says CES lidar’s laser was so powerful it wrecked his $1,998 camera [arstechnica] snapped photos of a car at CES with AEye’s lidar units on top. He discovered that every subsequent picture he took was marred by two bright purple spots, with horizontal and vertical lines emanating from them. (Lidar is essential for self-driving cars -ED)

Re-decentralizing the Web, for good this time [verborgh.org] Taking back control of our personal data, as envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee, is realized by decoupling data storage from services. This means people can store their data wherever they choose, while still enjoying the services they want. We can pick any provider to store our texts, photos, and videos— or simply store them on our own Web server— and rely on any third-party service to interact with them, regardless of storage location. The crucial service of identity can, but does not need to, be provided by the data storage.

Their Warhols Are at the Whitney. Their Ugly Divorce Is on Display, Too. [nyt] When she woke around 6 a.m. and came downstairs, she said she found her husband lying on top of an attractive brunette in the television room, beneath a painting from Richard Prince’s “After Dark” series.

After the Smartphone: The Race for the Next Big Thing   [wsj] Austin-based Paradromics, which aims to build a nickel-sized, cortex-connected device that could control prosthetics or send vision signals to a blind person. These uses are still years away, but many in the field hope that broader uses could follow. Funds raised: $25 million.

Vintage “Soviet Santa” Postcards Were Propaganda for the Space Race [hyperalleric] Vintage Soviet postcards reveal a sophisticated political project, one that uses the allure of nostalgia to create a vision of a utopian, space-age future.

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