Daily Dish 010819

Daily Dish Tuesday 8th January, MMXIX
Dispute The Text, Sapere Aude 


MIT Deep Learning Tutorial Repository [github] This repository is a collection of tutorials for MIT Deep Learning courses. More added as courses progress.

Firefox about:config privacy settings [github] Good lock down settings for the browser.

The Editorial Board at the FT today...Big Tech moves into the sights of US regulators [FT] Technology companies face the prospect of privacy and antitrust enforcement.. Democrats and Republicans both want tougher rules around privacy, and while many big companies are adopting the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation as a de facto standard, a new California law may set an even stricter standard in the US. The state’s privacy rule, which is set to go into effect in 2020, allows users to ask companies explicitly not to share a broad range of data, rather than requiring a more blanket “opt in” or “opt out” clause.

Big Media Deals That Could Happen in 2019—and Some That Won’t [Barrons]
Hollywood Predictions 2019: Wheeling, Dealing and (for Some) Reeling [THR]