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Day 4 of The 35th CCC streams, schedule [] Catch up with yesterday watch – The year in post-quantum crypto []  This morning panels – check out:  Cat & Mouse: Evading The Censors In 2018  and Augmented Reality: Bridging The Gap Between The Physical And The Digital World

Google wins dismissal of facial recognition lawsuit over biometric privacy act 
[theverge]  Google has won a dismissal of a lawsuit over its facial recognition software.  The Illinois judge in the case granted Google a summary judgment based on a lack of ‘concrete injuries’ to plaintiffs. Reuters story has now joined the coverage.

Malware attack disrupts delivery of L.A. Times and Tribune papers across the U.S.  [latimes] “We believe the intention of the attack was to disable infrastructure, more specifically servers, as opposed to looking to steal information,”

‘Bird Box’ Viewed by 45 Million Netflix Members in First Week, Company Says – Netflix provided a bit more context on what its #BirdBox number means: the 45MM accounts were counted only after a view surpassed 70% of the movie’s 2 hr, 4 min total running time including credits. (Note: still not independently verifiable)

Investigating Apps interactions with Facebook on Android [privacyinternational] Key findings:

We found that at least 61 percent of apps we tested automatically transfer data to Facebook the moment a user opens the app. This happens whether people have a Facebook account or not, or whether they are logged into Facebook or not.

We also found that some apps routinely send Facebook data that is incredibly detailed and sometimes sensitive. Again, this concerns data of people who are either logged out of Facebook or who do not have a Facebook account.

Silicon Valley Hierarchy Of Needs  –  A take on Maslov’s view.

The Blockchain Is a Reminder of the Internet’s Failure  [Andrew Leonard] But if there is one thing that we should have learned from the history of the last 25 years, it is that digital networks and computers and code are no solution to human brokenness. With each passing day, the opposite seems more likely to be true. Pressure exerted by the Internet cracked some long-existing social fissures wide open.

Instead of gaining access to the library of all human knowledge, we ended up card-carrying members of Jorge Luis Borges’ “Library of Babel” — that infinite biblio-nightmare that stockpiled every possible iteration of gibberish along with the real books written in real languages.