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Head-to-head evaluation of five password managers [medium] We created a detailed evaluation checklist and ran five password managers through the gauntlet: LastPass, 1PasswordDashlaneBitwarden, and Keeper. At the end of our evaluation, we decided that Bitwarden is the best choice for our company,..

Apple Transparency Report [apple] Apple is committed to your privacy and being transparent about government requests for customer data globally. This report provides information on government requests received.

Real-time air pollution map [purpleair] A PurpleAir sensor is an “Internet of things” (IOT) air quality sensor or particulate sensor consisting of the following elements….

The top 10 tools for journalism in 2018 – Here are the tools that I liked the most this year.

Closed, Proprietary, Felonious: The Toxic Rainbow of Locked Technology  There’s a saying in the software freedom movement: “if you can’t open it, it’s not yours.”

The Year in Artful Music: Sounds for Contemplation [artnews] Art rock list for 2018

DER SPIEGEL Reveals Internal Fraud  A DER SPIEGEL reporter committed large-scale journalistic fraud over several years. Internal clues and research have provided significant evidence against reporter Claas Relotius, who has since admitted to the falsifications and is no longer employed by DER SPIEGEL. Other media organizations may also have been affected.  (That hit job on small town America was not a good idea after all -ed)

Life of a Song Fairytale of New York — the Christmas song for people who hate Christmas songs “Fairytale of New York”, the 1987 hit single from The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl, “Fairytale of New York” was first conceived as a duet between MacGowan and Pogues bassist Cait O’Riordan. In an early demo of the song, the lyrics are dramatically different (and often indecipherable); O’Riordan sounds unconfident, while MacGowan simply disappears towards the end – it’s not hard to imagine him staggering away from the microphone for a lie-dow

The 50 best TV shows of 2018: the full list

Last summer, the Second Circuit issued a positive, landmark decision on Use of Force and Qualified Immunity in our case on the NYPD’s use of a Sound Cannon at a  demonstration. Last night, NYC appealed that decision to the Supreme Court.NYC Mayor files an appeal to use Sound Cannons like they did during a black lives matter protest.  (Bill you don’t even show up as Mayor,  pretend to be of the people, then file this on xmas holdiday break – nice – ed)

 Decolonize This Place  Decolonize This Place is an action-oriented movement centering around Indigenous struggle, Black liberation, free Palestine, global wage workers and de-gentrification. Facilitated by MTL+ Collectiv

Privacy is Power