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Life, Autocompleted [John May] when contemplating the consciousness of system designers—all of the electrical engineers, computer scientists, and ergonomists whose singular focus is a “running program” between user and interface. From within that mindset, so many technical activities appear as concerted attempts to automate thought.

The Digital Maginot Line [Renee DiResta] The Maginot Line was, in its time, believed to be a significant innovation in national defense; foreign leaders came from all over to tour it. It was a series of fortresses and railroads, resistant to all known forms of artillery, built using the latest technology.

Americans are streaming 8 billion hours of video per month [Nielsen]  In fact, Americans collectively spend nearly 8 billion hours per month consuming content on connected TV devices—such as Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire (1).

In China, your car could be talking to the government [ap]  (In the US our cars talk to data brokers who then re-sell it or provide it to goverment for free depending on use case -ed)

Marriott hack hits 500M guests []  Everyone exposed should get a free weeks stay -ed

Two Celebrities Charged With Unlawfully Touting Coin Offerings [] e Securities and Exchange Commission today announced settled charges against professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and music producer Khaled Khaled, known as DJ Khaled, for failing to disclose payments they received for promoting investments in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). These are the SEC’s first cases to charge touting violations involving ICOs.

DHS/USSS/PIA-024 Facial Recognition Pilot

Don’t buy online DNA ancestry tests. You are the real product [Irish Times]  (In case this was not clear – do not do this – do not pay for people to exploit your bio metrics against your and your family -ed)

WarnerMedia Streaming Platform to Launch With Three Tiers of Service, Emphasis on Movies

You Say Data, I Say System The next time you read a story with the word data in the headline, swap it out with data system. When you see a data visualization, think of it instead as a data system visualization

Home Routers Under Attack : What to Do  You should do is factory-reset your router, disable UPnP, then check for firmware updates, since some companies have patched the vulnerability out. This won’t fix any other compromised systems, but it’s a necessary first step. [toms guide]
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