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Facebook’s YouTube competitor is pivoting to older audiences as teens tune out and publishers balk . [cnbc] the company said about 50 million U.S. users each month view Watch content. It’s a tiny audience compared with YouTube, which said in May it had 1.8 billion logged-in viewers each month.

NBCUniversal Taps Machine Learning to Tie Ads to Relevant Moments on TV  The Contextual Intelligence Platform analyzes programming scripts, closed captioning data and visual descriptors of both ads and shows to find opportune moments for a given advertiser to appear as well as an emotional gauge for each scene determined by proprietary algorithms.

We are Google employees. Google must drop Dragonfly.   We are Google employees and we join Amnesty International in calling on Google to cancel project Dragonfly, Google’s effort to create a censored search engine for the Chinese market that enables state surveillance.

State-of-the-art copyright filters threaten freedom of expression [FT] the goal that both sides keep claiming they want to achieve. At the same time, clauses that I believe would have brought actual improvements for artists, such as the protection from unfair contracts that were in article 14 of the parliamentary draft, are in danger of being quietly dropped in negotiations.

Paying for Popularity Can Be Fraud  [bloomberg] On the delicate balance between fraud and “ordinary startup procedure”  -ED  One other thing I should mention is that this isn’t necessarily a fraud. If you do it just right—if you fully disclose your customer acquisition costs, accurately report your net losses despite your large and growing revenue, and explain with reasonable clarity the incentives and discounts that you’re offering to acquire customers—

AWS RoboMaker [amazon] service that makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy intelligent robotics applications at scale. RoboMaker extends the most widely used open-source robotics software framework, Robot Operating System (ROS), with connectivity to cloud service.  Full release  [businesswire]

Alexa, Are You Listening? Privacy Perceptions, Concerns and Privacy-seeking Behaviors with Smart SpeakersFull paper (PDF) Many users justify their lack of privacy concern based on an incomplete understanding of the privacy risks. However, both users and non-users exhibit resignation to privacy loss (Sheep -ed)

How To Do Real Time Object Detection On Drone Video Streams [nonnets]

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better with GANs and AI Art [artnome] BigGANs produce higher-resolution work, but are too expensive for artists to train using their own images. As a result, much of the BigGAN imagery looks the same regardless of who is creating it.

Ganbreeder – is a collaborative art tool for discovering images. Images are ‘bred’ by having children, mixing with other images and being shared via their URL.

Connecting the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network and the TRON blockchain network.  The purchase of BitTorrent pivot to monetization through affinity

One of the best books on “Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning” by @ChrisBishopMSFT  – Free download <–

Amazon’s own ‘Machine Learning University’ now available to all developers  [amazon]

Identity-matching Services Bill 2018 and Australian Passports Amendment   [] Facial recognition bill (Identity-matching Services) Bill 2018 in AU (Very weak, but a start -ed)

Sequoia: A New OpenPGP Implementation in Rust  []



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