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First gene-edited babies claimed in China [] “He said the parents involved declined to be identified or interviewed, and he would not say where they live or where the work was done.

East German secret police guide for identifying youth subcultures. Circa 1985. [twitter] From the metal scene. A ludicrous Satanic deathcult who like The Cure. Black/white spiked hair, powdered face, black clothes, inverted crosses. Totally disinterested in politics/society. Gathers in graveyards. Isolated from other teens.

Google Cloud example with NYT photos  [google] . Excellent use of machine learning, horrible rendering and realization.  They parsed all that contextual data from the back of photos and then failed to integrate into a moving experience.

How Cheap Labor Drives China’s A.I. Ambitions   [nytimes] AInnovation has fewer than 30 taggers, but a surge in labeling start-ups has made it easy to farm out the work. Once, Mr. Liang needed to get about 20,000 photos in a supermarket labeled in three days. Colleagues got it done with the help of data factories for only a couple thousand dollars.

AI Mistakes Bus-Side Ad for Famous CEO, Charges Her With Jaywalking [caixinglobal]  Only it turned out not to be Dong, but rather an advertisement featuring her face on the side of a bus, local police said

Richard Stallman: We Can Do Better Than Bitcoin [cryptosumer] “if bitcoin protected privacy, i’d probably have found a way to use it by now.”



 Privacy is Power.