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Inside The Pricey War To Influence Your Instagram Feed [wired]  she says. “Now, I don’t trust influencers [or] ‘makeup artists.’ Everybody wants free stuff and they just want to make money—there is no ethics behind it.”

Class 2 of Digital Data Flows: Geo-Location Data  [eventbrite] Register for the live stream on: Tuesday, 27 November, 2018 by Brussels Privacy Hub, VUB + Future of Privacy Forum

The National Climate Assessment – The full report of the National Climate Assessment   [] provides an in-depth look at climate change impacts on the U.S. I –  Described by officials as “policy relevant, but not policy prescriptive”  (This is fine – ed)

Real-time 3D Face Reconstruction [] The pytorch improved re-implementation of TPAMI 2017 paper: Face Alignment in Full Pose Range: A 3D Total Solution[sample video(We continue to sprint towards an unbelievable world with no truth markers in place -ed)

FT Books of the Year 2018 [ft] FT writers and guests select their top titles, with new tech, wellness and thriller sections joining the end-of-year round-up.

A science fiction desktop  eDEX-UI is a fullscreen desktop application resembling a sci-fi computer interface, heavily inspired from DEX-UI and the TRON Legacy movie effects. [github]

Michele Anthony Grew Up in the Music Business—Now She Helps Steer It [WSJ] “This is what I’ll say: Streaming has returned this industry to double-digit growth, but really, there’s so much more to come. Look at what’s happening with classical, with jazz.”  The Livecoding Community of New York City.

The ‘three-stage life’ poses new challenges to us all [FT] The late 20th-century model of mass retirement, the first ever developed, was an experiment that failed. Now if we can desegregate the generations, we could heal our politics.

Judy Chicago: A Reckoning [icamiami]  (image: Visualizing Birth)

Dolce & Gabbana tone-deaf and brand-ending video. … The Crash and Burn of Dolce & Gabbana [NYT]  Dead & Gonebananas

photo:  De Face in action NYC MPD circa 2006. When I said to him at the time  – deface only what must be defaced – from the book of poetic terrorism I had no idea of his name. 

Privacy is Power.