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Today with comments.

The City of the Future Is a Data-Collection Machine  [The Atlantic]  This needs to stop. Full stop.  Cities are made up of people who should not be data collection points.  Smart cities don’t surveil the public like criminals, they serve the citizens who live there.

Should the First Amendment apply to Facebook? It’s complicated. [ReCode]  Lets just re-classify them and let serve the standards and practices that rule broadcast

Facebook should heed the lessons of internet history [Economist]  Internet companies fail fast.  The old escalator up elevator down is no joke.

Boss as a Service  []  Hire your own strict task master GTD

“$ 8.3M settle claims Lenovo sold computers with Superfish malware that tracked users  tracked their internet use, invaded their privacy and damaged their devices.” Unreal , penalties are way out of line with the crime.  Time to treat some corporations as enemy combatants.

USPS took a year to fix a vulnerability that exposed all 60 million users’ data [theverge] This is fine, really with no remediation plans to ensure does not happen again, and no financial penalties in place. who cares.

AI Ancor man  Highlight of the fall was watching TV news anchors read this story and glean the reality that their job is over, ovah. Talent as a service.

Shodan Membership is now on sale for $5 – More access to the website, API and a digital copy of the official Shodan book.

The Machine Learning Revolution: How Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Your Business [Forbes]  Nice sector breakdown. Road map to a planned obsolesce and depreciation of entire job sectors.

Dataset: Disguised Faces in the Wild (DFW)  Best photobook concept/ training set so far.

High Exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation Associated With Cancer in Male Rats   This is week or so old , but should negate things like phones for kids by Disney and other MSO setups focused on the soft brain set.  (we can only hope)  5G should take this up a notch or so.

Only time will tell how wide the damage is. On the upside when we all have had enough EMF penetration we can just use our health care and solve for the damage.  Oh wait, scratch that everyone can speak to their priest or go to the emergency rooms like the folks with diabetes + cancer, other pre-existing conditions.

Todd Rundgren Recalls the Breakup Behind ‘Hello It’s Me’ [WSJ]  (This was my first 7″ single/45RPM player.  As a requested Christmas gift that year from Santa…. -ed)  “I told Linda I’d put her on the guest list for seats. She thanked me and we said goodbye. I added her name but I didn’t include a pass for backstage access.”

photo at top: NYC Clubs 1980s – matchbooks –  

Privacy is Power.