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The glitches in the Simulation are becoming more and more pronounced.

LIVE: Future investment initiative   Day 2 live now.

PRIVACY: Tim Cook Apple –  It was an honor to be invited to in Brussels    [Twitter]

PRIVACY: Whats My Age? How Old Am I? 4+   [] (App to train through Machine Learning facial recognition systems to append age information,  no age restrictions either, how nice. -ed

PRIVACY: Got a Fever? There’s an Ad for That [NY] You thermometer used for targeting advertisements (smart people use dumb devices -ed)

PRIVACY: The Next Data Minefield Is Your Car GM’s data mining is just the beginning of the in-car advertising blitz (smart people use dumb devices [reprise] -ed)

INFO-SEC: Another technological tragedy   “the pressure was driven up by the automatic control system meant to keep it in bounds.” ooopha a different type of machine learning needed here -ed

AI: Regulate artificial intelligence to avert cyber arms race . [NATURE]

ML: Fluid Annotation: An Exploratory Machine Learning–Powered Interface for Faster Image Annotation

ML: Real-Time Object Detection on Raspberry Pi Using OpenCV DNN (

CORE VALUES: Tech firms make millions from Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda, report finds

COREL VALUES  Who’s Behind ICE? The Tech and Data Companies Fueling Deportations  Amazon for your deportation needs -ed

CORE VALUES: YouTube calls for protest against EU copyright plans  []  cc: us labels and publishers. -ed

DIGITAL ART: Condensing Years of Internet Browsing History into a Single Frame

BAD-REVIEW: Anthem of the Peaceful Army  [pitchfork]   I love good bad reviews -ed