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Ed note:  Jury duty this week, next to voting its one of the best ways to participate in the democracy.   

MAN-MACHINE:  ABOT  The Anthropomorphic Robot Database   The ABOT (Anthropomorphic roBOT) Database is a collection of real-world anthropomorphic robots that have been created for research or commercial purposes. Currently, our core collection features more than 250 robots.

MAN-MACHINE:  RI Seminar: Bertram F. Malle : What People See in a Robot: A New Look at Human-Like Appearance . [YouTube]

MAN-MACHINE: The Crisis of Intimacy in the Age of Digital Connectivity [lareviewofbooks] the essence of the human will become what is not information, and the essence of intimacy will be in sharing what cannot be shared over the networks. Secret names have always stood at the center of what is holy.

INFO-SEC: (video talk )Bruce Schneier: “Click Here to Kill Everybody”| [YouTube] Talks at Google Computer security professional, privacy specialist and writer Bruce Schneier discusses “Click Here to Kill Everybody”, his latest book exploring the risks and security implications of our new, hyper-connected era.

INFO-SEC: Smart Home Surveillance: Governments Tell Google’s Nest To Hand Over Data 300 Times “People who use Nest must be told that very private information about what is happening in their homes is being recorded and could be shared, without prior notice, with law-enforcement when it obtains proper legal process.

ART:  Orbital Reflector site, video and this reflector shot Trevor Paglen: Orbital Reflector, co-produced and presented by the Nevada Museum of Art,   Why I care,  right nexus of art, eng and space. – “Making Visible The Invisible” is also straight up perfect.   Launching soon.

MUSIC/AI:  Piano Genie – Piano Genie allows anyone to improvise on the piano.


Moral Laryngitis”

” federation (identity)”

Photo :  MDG –  Sequence Series ‘Runway 22R’