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AI : Sloan Kettering’s Cozy Deal With Start-Up Ignites a New Uproar  [NYT]
In two meetings this month, staff pathologists confronted hospital leaders over the cancer center’s relationship with Paige.AI, some of them angered by the deal that would allow others to profit from their work.

THINK: The Decision Matrix: How to Prioritize What Matters [FSBLOG]
My strategy for triaging was simple. I separated decisions into four possibilities based on the type of decision I was making. Consequential and irreversible decisions are the ones that you really need to focus on.

AI:  on generative algorithms [/]

STORY TELLING: These Virtual Reality Films Are Blazing a New Trail in Storytelling and Art [Hyperallergic]

PRINT: THE VILLAGE VOICE (1955–2018) September 11, 2018 [ArtForum]
see also Seven Ways The Village Voice Made New York a Better Place  [NYT]

BLOCKCHAIN: The Private Blockchain Fallacy     []
But unfortunately most private blockchains are really just inefficient, insecure or simply stupid implementations in which a public blockchain-setup is used behind closed doors. This offers none of the benefits of that public version, but all of the downsides.

SOFTWARE: Carnegie Mellon is Saving Old Software from Oblivion []
The oldest application we’ve revived is Mystery House, a graphics-enabled game from the early 1980s for the Apple II computer. Another program is NCSA Mosaic, which people of a certain age might remember as the browser that introduced them to the wonders of the World Wide Web.