MED 7.18.18



Twitter  Chronological order observations

I switched to a cron timeline and have not looked back since.  It is the only way I can use Twitter. Some bullets on the expierence

  • RT’s ruin Twitter
  • Less click bait and polarizing Tweets  
  • immediately pruned legacy followers that were not relevant
  • Overall follow count reduced increasing signal
  • No more breaking news that are days old.
  • Honing my graph to be more symmetrical
  • When I look at the PTL ranked vs chronological you can see how polarizing the ranked one is
  • Your likes ended up in your followers stream –   No more of this crazy behavior either in your timeline or in your followers .

MUSIC:  Been keeping an ongoing list of tracks that are used in torture [lithub]

BUSINESS: TomTom shares crash as carmakers opt for Google Maps  [Reuters]

FBI: FBI releases file on the author of the Anarchist Cookbook:

ART: NY Art Book Fair 2018 – Printed Matter  [PrintedMatter]

OVERVIEW: Hyperallergic run down  [Hyperallergic]
SIGNINGS: Art Book signing schedule [ArtBook] 
TICKET: Accelerated Logic, 2018 by Ryan Gander. Printed, laser die-cut orange acrylic stencil containing annotations made by the artist, to page 11 of John Berger’s Ways of Seeing. [NY Art Book Fair Entry Ticket Edition] 

HACK : Place hacking 2018 Best of so far

Mc Donalds
Trump Hotel
Aretha Franklin Street


Tweets I did not send yesterday.

When I headed home last night I found a couple of hundred people all dressed in white Head to toe in front of my apartment building, I knew right away that it was the secret meeting spot for the fall…. Dinner En Blanc on Governors island

My “‘Save The Robots” t-shirt has moved from edgy when it was issued by seminal NYC after hours club. Moved to iconic, then ironic at the turn of the century. In this time of AI’s it’s now turned the corner to sarcastic.

Good to see Jim Thirlwell at Wolfgang Tillmans opening the other night, went to see him with Matt Johnson last night at the Beacon

Asking for a friend re: ‘psychoactive’ or ‘hallucinogenic’ has anyone seen anything ever? or know someone who has?

Walking down 6th ave at noon, see un-named rockstar looking at his jag with jersey plates after his parallel parking job. As a rule I ignore celebs when I run into them in NYC mostly as a sign of respect, I spotted this one as I approached and despite having met him several times in a prior life saw no reason to do anything more than nod. So He’s walking away when I pass it and spot the front end of his hood fully mashed into the ball peen on the hitch of the truck in front of him . I say hey …. Did you see this. He walks over like only he can squarely looks at it, I could not bare to see his face, having turned to continue my walk to the green market