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– Mediaeater Digest Friday 14th September 2018  –
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BIZ: Where in the World Is Larry Page? [Bloomberg]
Alphabet said in a statement that it had offered its head of global affairs for the hearing and that “enabling Larry to focus on the other bets and long-term technical problems is exactly what Alphabet was set up for.” The company referred questions to Dan Doctoroff, head of its urban infrastructure unit, Sidewalk Labs, and former CEO of Bloomberg LP, Bloomberg Businessweek’s parent.

[So let me get this straight – they wanted to send the guy who built the stealth ring of steal spy machines around the city – WTF I totally would have understood an answer like “F*** that I am not listing to Ted Cruz insipid questions”, but this? come on, Larry what are you thinking – ED)

PRIVACY: Google Knows Where You’ve Been, but Does It Know Who You Are? [NYT]

AI: Google’s Next Generation Music Recognition [Google AI Blog]
deep neural networks to bring low-power, always-on music recognition to mobile devices.

PRIVACY:  Big Brother in Berlin [Politico]
As Germany dabbles in state surveillance, facial-recognition technology raises privacy concerns.

INTV: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talked to NYU’s Jay Rosen for an hour, on the record. []

LIFE: Jeff Bezos morning routine. [Twitter]

-Newspaper, coffee, breakfast with the kids
-First meeting at 10a
High IQ meetings before lunch
-By 5p, rather save it for the next day
-Says he gets 8 hours of sleep unless he’s traveling

TOOL: This Twitter Bot Will Tell You if a Login Page is Phishing [Motherboard]

ART/CON: GROUND CONTROL, PARIS  Nov 12th-16th, 2018 []

ART: Double Lives showcases the sound-based creations of people better known as artists than musicians.  The Artists Who Led Secret Lives as Musicians  double life . :  Visual artists make music

ART: Face Trade – Art vending machine that trades mugshots for “free” portraits  []

Random link round-up

New iPhone price graph  – vs –  Valuations of luxury-goods co’s
step graphs ftw

DC facebook-s-zuckerberg-to-testify-in-november-in-investor-suit [Bloomberg]

Woman loses NASA internship after Twitter fight with member of space council  [NBC4I]

Sony Finally Admits It Doesn’t Own Bach and It Only Took a Bunch of Public Pressure [EFF]

In Gotham right now $52K for curtains is not that out of line , The fact that you had to move from a landmark NYC hotel to an apartment, cause the Chinese is the buried lede -ed

Number of times the words “fuck” and “fucking” appear in Woodward’s “Fear”: 100, pages 1-34 

Newscaster (1010 wins news) – “Florence is moving at the pace of NYC traffic about 5 miles an hour”




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