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– Mediaeater Digest  – Thursday 6th September 2018  –
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Morning Final

Tool : (google)
A single interface that allows search across multiple repositories.

Tool:  Conceptual Captions: A New Dataset and Challenge for Image Captioning  (Google)
Conceptual Captions, a new dataset consisting of ~3.3 million image/caption pairs that are created by automatically extracting and filtering image caption annotations from billions of web pages

Business: A New Spotify Initiative Makes the Big Record Labels Nervous (NYT)
Although the deals are modest — with advance payments of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to several people involved — the big record companies see the Spotify initiative as a potential threat: a small step that, down the line, could reshape the music business as it has existed since the days of the Victrola.

Privacy:  State data to be used to limit child gamers in China [BBC]
From mid-September it will introduce a real-name registration system for its Honour of Kings games, which will be linked to China’s public security database. It will identify children and restrict the time they spend on the game. The move is the first of its kind in the world’s largest gaming market.

Privacy: IBM used NYPD surveillance footage to develop technology that lets police search by skin color (Intercept)
IBM began developing this object identification technology using secret access to NYPD camera footage. With access to images of thousands of unknowing New Yorkers offered up by NYPD officials, as early as 2012, IBM was creating new search features that allow other police departments to search camera footage for images of people by hair color, facial hair, and skin tone.

Privacy: ‘The State of Surveillance’ PDF  (Big Brother Watch)
Surveillance has permeated almost every aspect of our lives. A future that, to many, may seem distant and unimaginably dystopian, is very much a reality in 2018. As the contributions to this report demonstrate, it does not matter if we have something to hide or not. In our mass surveillance society, anyone and everyone is under suspicion and observation, whether justified or not.

Privacy: Five-Eyes Intelligence Services Choose Surveillance Over Security (
To put it bluntly, this is reckless and shortsighted. I’ve repeatedly written why this can’t be done technically, and why trying results in insecurity. But there’s a greater principle at first: we need to decide, as nations and as society, to put defense first. We need a “defense dominant” strategy for securing the Internet and everything attached to it.

Learn: Carnegie Mellon Univ. Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence (cmu)
Curriculum break down.  BSAI majors will take courses in math and statistics, computer science, AI, science and engineering, and humanities and arts. There’s also room built into the curriculum for academic exploration via electives.

Tool : Identifying the author behind New York Time’s op-ed from inside the Trump White House.
Github repo that looks at word used against other writings from staff.  (Ahem – Mike is that you?)

Learn:  Deposition of respiratory virus pathogens on frequently touched surfaces at airports  (BMC Infectious Diseases)
Nucleic acid of at least one respiratory virus was detected in 9 out of 90 (10%) surface samples, including: a plastic toy dog in the children’s playground (2/3 swabs, 67%); hand-carried luggage trays at the security check area (4/8, 50%); the buttons of the payment terminal at the pharmacy (1/2, 50%); the handrails of stairs (1/7, 14%); and the passenger side desk and divider glass at a passport control point (1/3, 33%).  (so that would be a TRAVEL ADVISORY –  that thing you have to touch, that bin, has more germs that the toilet -ed)

NYC  Kenny Shopsin, Brash Owner of a Quirky Restaurant, Dies at 76
His was a classic neighborhood restaurant, and he didn’t want it to become a tourist attraction. He was not averse to throwing someone out who didn’t seem to get the chatty, casual-clutter look and feel of the place.

Innovation:  Why big companies squander good ideas (FT)
“Disruption describes what happens when firms fail because they keep making the kinds of choices that made them successful,”

How much of your day is spent reading stuff you don’t remember asking for, that you don’t want?