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M.E.D. Thursday 18 July 2018

 Airbnb will have to turn over addresses of rental properties on its site to New York’s Office of Special Enforcement, along with the names of hosts and information about how much of each property is available for rent and whether it is a primary residence. Rentals of less than 30 days are not allowed in most apartment buildings, unless the owner is present. According to a report earlier this year, which was partly funded by the hotel industry, around two-thirds of Airbnb’s income in New York comes from rentals that violate this rule.

Live Streams The Aspen Institute Security Forum

9:00 – 10:00 AM MDT
Securing the Homeland
The Homeland Security Secretary briefs us on the security challenges the nation faces and how the Department and its partners, domestic and foreign, are working together to meet them.

Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security
Moderator: Peter Alexander, National Correspondent, NBC News

Confronting Our Fears of Looking at the Unknown [HyperAllergic]

The lover is never able to see themselves from the perspective of the other looking at them. What we learn in Reed’s mural, as in many fairytales, is that when we are unable to fully grasp the space of the other, we tend to be intimidated or unsatisfied. Often, we read the unknown as threatening, but can eventually discover that within this daunting unknown can lay an unexpected tenderness. Ultimately, Reed’s mural reminds us, it’s not all in the eye of the beholder.

Saul Leiter review – the quiet genius who made the mundane beautiful [Guardian]

Half a dozen quotes by Leiter are stencilled on the walls of the gallery. One reads: “There is a tremendous advantage of being unimportant.” Another reads: “In some secret place in my being was a desire to avoid success.” Both give you some idea of Leiter’s temperament and the ways it informed the unhurried pursuit of his art. The almost devotional hush in the gallery as people peer at these images is testimony to a life devoted to the quiet pursuit of a singular vision and the avoidance of such distractions as fame or even recognition. For Leiter, simply looking at the world was enough.


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