Daily Dish 070618

M.E.D. Friday 7.6.18

It’s the End of the API Economy As We Know It  [programmable web]

Music’s ‘Moneyball’ moment: why data is the new talent scout  [FT]

Billboard’s charts used to be our barometer for music success. Are they meaningless in the streaming age? [WAPO]

Media embracing digital TV with strings attached [Reuters]

BBC News – Social site terms tougher than Dickens  [BBC]  (This and the FB item below are great markers of the level of absurdity we will go to instead of addressing the core problems. -ed)

Face Detection for CCTV surveillance  [Medium]

Facebook’s algorithms have ruled that parts of the US Declaration of Independence are hate speech and removed excerpts of them posted to the platform.  [BBC] (Algo challenge for sure, but do we want FB algos to be the censors of what we see. -ed)

Elvis Costello cancels tour after surgery to remove ‘aggressive’ tumour  [BBC]

A Banksy holiday crowd-puller [FT]

Billions in Hamptons Real Estate at Risk on Shore [EHS] More than $3.5 billion worth of property would be in danger of chronic flooding by 2045

On the run with Rich Greenfield, the straw that stirs Media Twitter [Fast co]