Daily Dish 070418

Happy Independence Day.   4th July 2018  M.E.D

All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week  [WaPo]

Taking a holiday? Here’s how to disconnect  [FT]
(Best pull quote: “Daytime drinking also helps. ” -ed)

How Should Antitrust Regulators Check Silicon Valley’s Ambitions? [NYT]

A general Dissolution of Principles & Manners will more surely overthrow the Liberties of America than the whole Force of the Common Enemy.” —Samuel Adams. (Letter to James Warren 12 Feb, 1779)


Latest Text Of EU Copyright Directive Shows It’s Even Worse Than Expected: Must Be Stopped [TechDirt]

Report: PDF  on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on copyright in the Digital Single Market  [UK Parliament]  (TL/DR – upload filters)

EFF The Crucial Next Few Days In the EU’s Copyright Filter and Link Tax Battle

Letter Against (Vint Cerf, Tim Bernes-Lee, Jimmy Wales, Joi Ito etc..) and for it Sir Paul McCartneyBritish Copyright Council urges MEPs to support fair play for creative sectors [britishcopyright.org]

Police searches homes of „Zwiebelfreunde“ board members as well as „OpenLab“ in Augsburg [ccc.de]
More here [torservers.net]

Samsung smartphones are sending users’ pictures to their contacts without their permission, according to complaints by a number of people posted online. [CNBC]

Richard Prince  Twitter.

Is it possible to have fun making art? I don’t think so. When I generate my own stuff, with my own style, no. It’s not fun. This painting is all mine. & it’s a “I don’t think so”. It’s only fun when I steal other people’s stuff. Other people’s style. That’s fun. That’s think so.



The cover photo of the East Hampton Star from last week.  Exceptional.

Online does not translate at all.  Lost is the gravitas of its placement in print /context to the rest of the paper.

3/4 of a full page, above the fold, front page shows East Hampton’s valedictorian, Alexander Sigua Pintado, left, and its salutatorian, Jonathan Gomez Barrientos.

They stand un-cropped in front of fellow graduates, including one glaring individual on the right. He is is “the other” in this photo.  A ‘other’ that goes un-named, lurks in the background, un accomplished, or at very least – undistinguished in name, distinguished by only his glare, hands clutched almost in reverence or prayer. A smiling all-American blond female over their shoulder.

My respect to the photo editor and paper, one of the best local weekly’s in the nation, they have not shrunk as an institution in the digital / political age, they have stayed the course, reporting the facts as they happen.



masthead photo – mdg