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Freaked-Out Americans Desperately Seek to Escape the News [Bloomberg]

The 700 pages from Facebook handed over to Congress Friday [PDF]  ….

Facebook’s disclosures under scrutiny as federal agencies join probe of tech giant’s role in sharing data with Cambridge Analytica

An interview with the designers behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign  [n+1]

Why tech’s favorite color is making us all miserable [Fast co]

The Real Story Behind a Janitor’s Border Photos of Combs, Toys and Bibles [NYT]

How publishers are using Instagram’s new long-form video feature, IGTV [digiday]

Companies under strain from GDPR requests [FT]

How a Hacker Proved Cops Used a Secret Government Phone Tracker to Find Him
And how it might change what cops can do with our smartphones. [Politico]

Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up [TechCrunch]
“We specifically don’t collect data, even from point A to point B,” notes Cue.


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