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Machine Learning: Machine Learning for Drummers

TL;DR: In this post, I build an app that classifies whether an audio sample is a kick drum, snare drum, or other drum sample with 87% accuracy using machine learning (I thought this headline was a new joke added to the legendary alt.humor drummer jokes, its so not -ed)

Crypto: Minimum Viable Economy

Looking at cryptonetworks, the question, then, is: what is Minimum Viable Economy? I think the answer depends a lot on the shape of the network / economy; for example (from harder to easier):

Audit the algorithms that are ruling our lives [FT]

Governments should follow France and move towards algorithmic accountability,  The reasons for this are straightforward. First of all, exposing your algorithms may destroy your competitive advantage. Furthermore, for the people who are tech savvy, publishing the algorithm might allow them to understand the decision-making process in detail, thus allowing them effectively to game the system.

Photo: Max Pinckers Interview: On Speculative Documentary

Max Pinckers is a photographer and academic who has chosen to take the challenge of understanding this shifting terrain head on. His work, both in his personal projects and in his academic research, is an attempt to advance our grasp of the genre and develop a new critical language, visually and through discourse. I am honoured to have had a chance to talk with him about his work and his latest self-published title, Margins of Excess.

Tauba Auerbach: Flow Separation. (Get tickets – free nyc) [Public Art Fund]

Flow Separation is a commission by New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach (b. 1981, San Francisco, California), which transforms the historic Fireboat John J. Harvey into a contemporary “dazzle ship.” Invented by British painter Norman Wilkinson during World War I, the original dazzle patterns were painted onto ships to optically distort their forms, confusing enemy submarines tracking their distance, direction, and speed. With their geometric shapes, the dazzle designs were heavily indebted to both animal camouflage and avant-garde movements like Cubism, Futurism, and Vorticism. Thousands of vessels were dazzled in the U.K. and U.S., including in New York City at the Brooklyn Navy Yards.

Popping Balloons, Paint-Gun Attacks, and Pink Sand: Watermill Center’s ‘Time Bomb’ Party Blows Up [Art News]

(posted for the terms of dinner -ed)

.. he announced the first lot up for sale: a dinner date with Marina Abramović, who stood from her seat and took the stage to go over a few stipulations. The dinner would include “definitely politically-incorrect jokes,” the artist said. And while dining, all the assembled would wear headphones so as to block out surrounding sounds, with time for talking only between courses.  For three days before the meal in question, no one would be allowed to have sex or watch television. And then one rule for the dinner itself: “You can’t talk about Trump.”

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Welcome to the Quiet Skies  [Boston Globe]

Already under Quiet Skies, thousands of unsuspecting Americans have been subjected to targeted airport and inflight surveillance, carried out by small teams of armed, undercover air marshals, government documents show. The teams document whether passengers fidget, use a computer, have a “jump” in their Adam’s apple or a “cold penetrating stare,” among other behaviors, according to the records.  Air marshals note these observations — minute-by-minute — in two separate reports and send this information back to the TSA.

‘The discourse is unhinged’: how the media gets AI alarmingly wrong [Guardian]

What Lipton finds most troubling, though, is not technical illiteracy among journalists, but how social media has allowed self-proclaimed “AI influencers” who do nothing more than paraphrase Elon Musk on their Medium blogs to cash in on this hype with low-quality, TED-style puff pieces. “Making real progress in AI requires a public discourse that is sober and informed,” Lipton says. “Right now, the discourse is so completely unhinged it’s impossible to tell what’s important and what’s not.”

The Google Funded Astroturf Group that Hacked The EU Copyright Vote (In Pictures) []

So what does OpenMedia do?  They fight aggressively against any sort of regulation that would harm Google and Silicon Valley’s bottom line. SOPA, Net Neutrality, DMCA Takedown Staydown and the EU copyright directive.

Instagram Flop accounts [Atlantic]

Flop accounts bring attention to bad things or bad people that people should be aware of. We also post cringeworthy content for entertainment purposes,” said Alma, a 13-year-old admin on the flop account @nonstopflops.

According to teens, flop accounts began as a way to make fun of celebrities and popular YouTubers, but sometime over the past year they’ve morphed into something more substantive: a crucial way to share and discuss opinions online.

2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey [pdf]

This year’s survey shows a dramatic, negative shift in millennials’ feelings about business’ motivations and ethics. Respondents are disappointed that business leaders’ priorities don’t seem to align with their own—but where matches exist, the perception is that those companies are more successful, have more stimulating work environments and do a better job of developing talent.

Gallery Notes 1, 2, & 3: Dealers, Connoisseurship, Exhibitions [Artnews]

Dealers, save yourselves

Forget gallery walks. Dealers, visit other galleries. Regularly. Put your cell number on the gallery door and stay in the neighborhood. If we don’t see each other’s shows, how can we expect others to see our shows? Take your friends/artists/collectors with you. Introduce them to your colleagues. Show them what you like in other dealers’ dens. Tell them why. Discuss how what you like outside your gallery relates to your program and where we’re going (collectively). Become an art adviser (two jobs pay better than one). Knowledgeable dealers can be the best art advisers. Sell other galleries’ art to your people and collect a commission. Advocate sustaining reciprocity. All parties will benefit.

Tales from the storage unit: inside a booming industry [FT]

For Frederic de Ryckman de Betz, who owns Attic Storage in London, self-storage reveals something about human nature. “We have this human condition called hoarding that we can’t seem to get away from,” he says. “If you have a studio flat, you will run out of space. And if you have a four-bedroom house, you will come to a point where you run out of space.”   [its all a hedge against death-ed]

Recto / Verso: Art Publishing in Practice [Hauser & Wirth ]

Co-presented by Hauser & Wirth Publishers and Artbook @ MoMA PS1 Bookstore
This August, Hauser & Wirth Publishers and Artbook @ MoMA PS1 Bookstore are delighted to co-present Recto / Verso: Art Publishing in Practice, a month-long event series exploring the creative processes and ecosystems in the art publishing communities of New York. Bringing together a range of voices and participants, Recto / Verso features local small presses and zine collectives, as well as digital, nonprofit, and institutional publishers.

Paper: Spiking neural networks for computer vision  []

State-of-the-art computer vision systems use frame-based cameras that sample the visual scene as a series of high-resolution images. These are then processed using convolutional neural networks using neurons with continuous outputs. Biological vision systems use a quite different approach, where the eyes (cameras) sample the visual scene continuously, often with a non-uniform resolution, and generate neural spike events in response to changes in the scene. … Event-based vision sensors, and event-based processing exemplified by the SpiNNaker (Spiking Neural Network Architecture) machine, can be used to model the biological vision pathway at various levels of detail. Here we use this approach to explore structural synaptic plasticity as a possible mechanism whereby biological vision systems may learn the statistics of their inputs without supervision, pointing the way to engineered vision systems with similar online learning capabilities.

Mellite []

Mellite is an environment for creating experimental computer-based music and sound art. This system has been developed since 2012 by its author, Hanns Holger Rutz, and is made available under the GNU GPL open source license.

Two info-sec papers :

How Tracking Companies Circumvented Ad Blockers Using WebSockets’   [PDF]

Diffusion of User Tracking Data in the Online Advertising Ecosystem  [pdf] []

Abstract—In this study of 100,000 websites, we document how Advertising and Analytics (A&A) companies have used WebSockets to bypass ad blocking, exfiltrate user tracking data, and deliver advertisements. Specifically, we leverage a long- standing bug in Chrome (the world’s most popular browser) in the chrome.webRequest API that prevented blocking ex- tensions from being able to interpose on WebSocket connections. We conducted large-scale crawls of top publishers before and after this bug was patched in April 2017 to examine which A&A companies were using WebSockets, what information was being transferred, and whether companies altered their behavior after the patch. We find that a small but persistent group of A&A companies use WebSockets, and that several of them are engaging in troubling behavior, such as browser fingerprinting, exfiltrating the DOM, and serving advertisements, that would have circumvented blocking due to the Chrome bug.

Farnam Street (FS)

The Best Of What Other People Have Already Figured Out

a world full of noise, Farnam Street is a place where you can step back and think about time-tested ideas while asking yourself questions that lead to meaningful understanding. We cover ideas from science and the humanities that will not only expand your intellectual horizons but also help you connect ideas, think in multidisciplinary ways, and explore meaning.

Collection of Facebook related reports from the UK Digital, Culture, Media and Sports committee. 

CCTV: “ethics committees” without powers, without budget and sometimes without activity [Le Monde]

Who monitors video surveillance? In the case Benalla , video 1 st -May on the Place de la Contrescarpe, in the 5 th district of Paris, filmed by a police headquarters camera, have not only been preserved in unclear circumstances, but were sent to Alexandre Benalla, who said they have given them to the Elysee , before they appear online on a Twitter account campaigning for the Republic in motion (LRM).

That’s not what the law says. The legal framework surrounding video surveillance in France is strict. Images can only be kept for thirty days, excluding inquiry; anyone can request access to the images that concern them; only authorized agents can consult them , and a number of conditions must be respected, such as not filming the interiors of buildings. But the control mechanisms are limited.


The WSJ  ongoing mens fashion series that will get you laughed at or beat up. Todays example. 


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How U.S. tech powers China’s surveillance state [Axios]

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, a Massachusetts company, has supplied the Chinese government with DNA sequencers that it is now using to collect the DNA of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, Human Rights Watch reports. At a Thursday hearing, Sen. Marco Rubio called Thermo Fisher’s operations in Xinjiang “sick.”
  • iFlyTek is a Chinese company that recently launched a 5-year partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Beijing has used iFlytek’s voice recognition technology “to develop a pilot surveillance system that can automatically identify targeted voices in phone conversations,” according to Human Rights Watch.
  • Cisco, in 2011, developed a network of 500,000 cameras that China used for street surveillance.

Thoughts On Machine Learning Accuracy [Amazon] 

Amazon responds to false positives .…The ACLU has not published its data set, methodology, or results in detail, so we can only go on what they’ve publicly said. But, here are some thoughts on their claims: ..

Strategic Competition in an Era of Artificial Intelligence []

The sharper the competition, though, the greater the need to also think about the potential for a race to the bottom in AI safety.

Vivienne Ming: ‘The professional class is about to be blindsided by AI’ [FT]

“If I take a deep neural network and throw it at a bunch of hiring data for the last 10 years, it will tell me to hire straight white men from wealthy conservative backgrounds,” she says. “There are many published economics papers about this, peer-reviewed. But in any big data set, there are two types of relationships that the AI can learn from. One is the spurious correlations, like the historical fact that white men hold most jobs. And then you have actual causal relationships such as the fact that successful people are resilient and have a growth mindset, social skills, emotional intelligence, creativity, meta-cognition and so on.

Transcript: Kara Swisher’s chat with Jaron Lanier

Yeah, I very strongly feel that we can isolate the good parts of social media which are very real and very true and just cut off and incinerate the bad parts, and the bad parts can be described very clearly as a manipulation engine. It’s the algorithms that are measuring you and then calculating what you should experience in order to change your behavior according to an algorithm. It’s that manipulation engine that’s the problem. It’s not the smartphone. It’s not the general idea of social media. It’s not the general idea of the internet. It’s none of those things. It’s really the manipulation machine. And that’s the thing that needs to be shut down.

How TV Tuned in More Ad Dollars: Drug Money, Digital Doldrums Kept Madison Ave. Attention on Linear Viewers [Variety]

The nation’s five English-language broadcast networks prevailed against disruptive trends brought on by new streaming-video technology and managed to snare a gain of between 3% and 5% the volume of advance advertising commitments they secured for their next cycle of primetime programming, according to Variety estimates, part of the annual haggling of TV’s “upfront” ad-sales marketplace. The networks secured between $9.1 billion and $10.06 billion, according to Variety estimates, compared with $8.69 billion and $9.55 billion in last year’s haggle

Machine Learning in Google BigQuery [Google AI]

Today we’re announcing BigQuery ML, a capability inside BigQuery that allows data scientists and analysts to build and deploy machine learning models on massive structured or semi-structured datasets. BigQuery ML is a set of simple SQL language extensions which enables users to utilize popular ML capabilities, performing predictive analytics like forecasting sales and creating customer segmentations right at the source, where they already store their data. BigQuery ML additionally sets smart defaults automatically and takes care of data transformation, leading to a seamless and easy to use experience with great results.


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Amazon’s Face Recognition Falsely Matched 28 Members of Congress With Mugshots  [ACLU]

In a test the ACLU recently conducted of the facial recognition tool, called “Rekognition,” the software incorrectly matched 28 members of Congress, identifying them as other people who have been arrested for a crime.

PBA Public Safety Tracker  []

This public safety tracker will highlight notable crime incidents in context, alongside current crime trends and the broader policy discussion.  You can use this information to make sure your voice is heard: speak out about conditions in your neighborhood, contact your elected officials and tell them they need to make safe streets a priority.”

You and AI – Just An Engineer: The Politics of AI

Kate Crawford, Distinguished Research Professor at New York University, a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research New York, and the co-founder and co-director the AI Now Institute, discusses the biases built into machine learning, and what that means for the social implications of AI. The talk is the fourth event in the Royal Society’s 2018 series: You and AI.

CoinDesk Releases Q2 2018 State of Blockchain Report [CoinDesk]

The report also features a deep dive into the quarterly interest around bitcoin and ethereum, followed by news and data that highlight developments around trading, ICOs, SAFTs, venture capital, distributed ledger technology (DLT), security breaches, 51% attacks, regulations, litigation, corporate developments, employment, and a close look at EOS’s year-long ICO and the subsequent launch of the EOS blockchain.

Edge TPU Devices [google]

The Edge TPU is a small ASIC designed by Google that provides high performance ML inferencing for low-power devices. For example, it can concurrently execute multiple state-of-the-art vision models on high-res video at 30+ fps, in a power efficient manner.  With one of the following Edge TPU devices, you can build embedded systems with on-device AI features that are fast, secure, and power efficient

Halfway Through 2018, Streaming’s Continued Growth Defies Mathematical Trends [Billboard Mag]

In the first half of 2018, overall on-demand streaming increased 41.7 percent to reach 403.5 billion U.S. streams, according to Nielsen Music. That growth defies mathematical trends, which dictate that, as a base enlarges, it becomes harder to achieve a bigger percentage growth than in preceding time periods.

Live: Now streaming the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee meeting on

Enhancing the Strategic Communication Capacity of PETRONAS  (Dropbox PDF)

Cambridge Analytica Voter suppression targeting deck for their AggregateIQ tool called “Ripon”.
(if this drop down menu does not scare you nothing will -ed)

@commonscms has published adverts run by Aggregate IQ on behalf of Vote Leave during the Brexit campaign.

The following documents include data submitted to the DCMS Committee by Facebook in July 2018 as part of the Committee’s inquiry into Fake News. They are accompanied by a letter from Facebook to the Committee providing additional background information.

The series of PDFs published on the Committee’s website and listed below show adverts run by AggregateIQ (AIQ) on behalf of the Vote Leave and ‘50 Million’, BrexitCentral/BeLeave and DUP Vote to Leave campaigns ahead of the UK’s referendum on leaving the EU in 2016.

This years HOPE conference  was disrupted by NAZI’s   [Twitter Thread]

 I was a speaker and workshop organizer at this year. My first 2600 meeting was over 20 years ago. I’m also an event organizer with hundreds of events/concerts/festivals under my belt. I’m also an anti-racist who has been shitkicked by nazis. Here’s my (too long) take.

Tackling digital overload: Tips from Reuters journalists  [Barrons]

* Use “Rules” in Outlook to handle the flow of emails. Sort e-mails
by senders into folders.
* Don’t send e-mails on weekends or evenings if it can be avoided.
The very act of opening an e-mail on a weekend for a recipient puts
them in work mode.
* Use the “Delay Delivery” function in Outlook – effectively an
embargo for your e-mail. This allows you to click “Send” and have
that task checked off your to-do list, but not interfere with the
recipient’s personal time. It can be set to send at the start of
business hours the next business day. And if you’re offline and
that doesn’t work, you can always save it as a draft and send
* It’s okay to tell your manager/colleagues that you won’t see
e-mails on the weekend – if it’s an emergency, they can call.
* Use your Out-Of-Office function on e-mail when on leave, taking a
day off, on a reporting assignment or on a national holiday.

Exactis breach is a redacted JSON sample: it’s *one* record and it’s 410 lines long:  [Troy Hunt]

  1. “census_block_group”: “1”,
  2.                                 “latitude”: “[redacted]”,
  3.                                 “longitude”: “[redacted]”,
  4.                                 “timezone”: “E”,
  5.                                 “dpv_code”: “Y”,
  6.                                 “numberofsources”: “10”,
  7.                                 “dwellingtype”: “S”,
  8.                                 “secondaryaddresspresent”: “N”,
  9.                                 “livingunitid”: “[redacted]”,
  10.                                 “area_code”: “”,
  11.                                 “phone_contact”: “”,
  12.                                 “estimatedincomecode”: “N”,
  13.                                 “homeownerprobabilitymodel”: “H”,
  14.                                 “lengthofresidence”: “15”,
  15.                                 “lengthofresidencecode”: “15”,
  16.                                 “numberofpersonsinlivingunit”: “5”,
  17.                                 “presenceofchildren”: “Y”,
  18.                                 “numberofchildren”: “4”,
  19.                                 “childrenage00_02”: “U”,
  20.                                 “childrenage00_02male”: “U”,
  21.                                 “childrenage00_02female”: “U”,
  22.                                 “childrenage00_02unknown”: “U”,
  23.                                 “childrenage03_05”: “U”,
  24.                                 “childrenage03_05male”: “U”,
  25.                                 “childrenage03_05female”: “U”,
  26.                                 “childrenage03_05unknown”: “U”,
  27.                                 “childrenage06_10”: “Y”,
  28.                                 “childrenage06_10male”: “U”,
  29.                                 “childrenage06_10female”: “U”,
  30.                                 “childrenage06_10unknown”: “Y”,
  31.                                 “childrenage11_15”: “Y”,
  32.                                 “childrenage11_15male”: “U”,
  33.                                 “childrenage11_15female”: “Y”,
  34.                                 “childrenage11_15unknown”: “U”,
  35.                                 “childrenage16_17”: “Y”,
  36.                                 “childrenage16_17male”: “U”,
  37.                                 “childrenage16_17female”: “Y”,
  38.                                 “childrenage16_17unknown”: “U”,
  39.                                 “persongender”: “M”,
  40.                                 “persondateofbirthyear”: “[redacted]”,
  41.                                 “persondateofbirthmonth”: “5”,
  42.                                 “persondateofbirthday”: “0”,
  43.                                 “personexactage”: “[redacted]”,
  44.                                 “personagecode”: “5”,
  45.                                 “males_18_24”: “U”,
  46.                                 “females_18_24”: “U”,
  47.                                 “unknowngender_18_24”: “U”,
  48.                                 “males_25_34”: “U”,
  49.                                 “females_25_34”: “U”,
  50.                                 “unknowngender_25_34”: “U”,
  51.                                 “males_35_44”: “Y”,
  52.                                 “females_35_44”: “U”,
  53.                                 “unknowngender_35_44”: “U”,
  54.                                 “males_45_54”: “U”,
  55.                                 “females_45_54”: “U”,
  56.                                 “unknowngender_45_54”: “U”,
  57.                                 “males_55_64”: “U”,
  58.                                 “females_55_64”: “Y”,
  59.                                 “unknowngender_55_64”: “U”,
  60.                                 “males_65_74”: “U”,
  61.                                 “females_65_74”: “U”,
  62.                                 “unknowngender_65_74”: “U”,
  63.                                 “males_75_plus”: “U”,
  64.                                 “females_75_plus”: “U”,
  65.                                 “unknowngender_75_plus”: “U”,
  66.                                 “personmaritalstatus”: “M”,
  67.                                 “inferredage”: “42”,
  68.                                 “occupationgroup”: “G”,
  69.                                 “personoccupation”: “0000”,
  70.                                 “ethnic_code”: “T3”,
  71.                                 “languagecode”: “E1”,
  72.                                 “ethnic_group”: “W”,
  73.                                 “religion_code”: “P”,
  74.                                 “hispaniccountrycode”: “00”,
  75.                                 “personeducation”: “U”,
  76.                                 “businessowner”: “U”,
  77.                                 “ethnicconfidencecode”: “U”,
  78.                                 “inferredhouseholdrank”: “1”,
  79.                                 “numberofadults”: “1”,
  80.                                 “generationsinhousehold”: “3”,
  81.                                 “presenceofcreditcard”: “Y”,
  82.                                 “presenceofgoldorplatinumcreditcard”: “Y”,
  83.                                 “presenceofpremiumcreditcard”: “Y”,
  84.                                 “presenceofupscaleretailcard”: “Y”,
  85.                                 “presenceofbankcard”: “Y”,
  86.                                 “gasdeptretailcardholder”: “Y”,
  87.                                 “americanexpresscard”: “U”,
  88.                                 “creditrating”: “F”,
  89.                                 “investment”: “Y”,
  90.                                 “investmentstocksecurities”: “Y”,
  91.                                 “networth”: “G”,
  92.                                 “numberoflinesofcredit”: “2”,
  93.                                 “credit_rangeofnewcredit”: “4”,
  94.                                 “americanexpressgoldpremium”: “U”,
  95.                                 “discovergoldpremium”: “U”,
  96.                                 “discoverregular”: “U”,
  97.                                 “gasolineorretailcardgoldpremium”: “U”,
  98.                                 “gasoline_retail_card_regular”: “”,
  99.                                 “mastercardgoldpremium”: “Y”,
  100.                                 “mastercardregular”: “U”,
  101.                                 “visagoldpremium”: “Y”,
  102.                                 “visaregular”: “Y”,
  103.                                 “credit_card_indicator”: “”,
  104.                                 “bank_card_holder”: “”,
  105.                                 “gas_department_retail_card_holder”: “”,
  106.                                 “travelandentertainmentcardholder”: “U”,
  107.                                 “creditcardholderunknowntype”: “Y”,
  108.                                 “premium_card_holder”: “”,
  109.                                 “upscale_department_store_card_holder”: “”,
  110.                                 “creditcarduser”: “Y”,
  111.                                 “creditcardnewissue”: “U”,
  112.                                 “bank_card_presence_in_household”: “”,
  113.                                 “investing_active”: “U”,
  114.                                 “investmentspersonal”: “Y”,
  115.                                 “investmentsrealestate”: “U”,
  116.                                 “investingfinancegrouping”: “Y”,
  117.                                 “investmentsforeign”: “U”,
  118.                                 “investmentestimatedresidentialpropertiesowned”: “U”,
  119.                                 “assimilationcodes”: “U”,
  120.                                 “valuehunter”: “Y”,
  121.                                 “opportunityseekers”: “Y”,
  122.                                 “newsandfinancial”: “U”,
  123.                                 “automotivebuff”: “Y”,
  124.                                 “bookreader”: “Y”,
  125.                                 “membershipclub”: “U”,
  126.                                 “computerowner”: “Y”,
  127.                                 “cookingenthusiast”: “Y”,
  128.                                 “do_it_yourselfers”: “Y”,
  129.                                 “exerciseenthusiast”: “Y”,
  130.                                 “gardener”: “Y”,
  131.                                 “golfenthusiasts”: “U”,
  132.                                 “homedecoratingenthusiast”: “Y”,
  133.                                 “outdoorenthusiast”: “Y”,
  134.                                 “outdoorsportslover”: “Y”,
  135.                                 “photography”: “Y”,
  136.                                 “traveler”: “Y”,
  137.                                 “pets”: “Y”,
  138.                                 “cats”: “U”,
  139.                                 “dogs”: “Y”,
  140.                                 “mailresponder”: “Y”,
  141.                                 “respondedtocatalog”: “”,
  142.                                 “sweepstakes”: “Y”,
  143.                                 “religiousmagazine”: “U”,
  144.                                 “malemerchbuyer”: “U”,
  145.                                 “femalemerchbuyer”: “Y”,
  146.                                 “crafts_hobbmerchbuyer”: “Y”,
  147.                                 “gardening_farmingbuyer”: “Y”,
  148.                                 “bookbuyer”: “Y”,
  149.                                 “collect_specialfoodsbuyer”: “Y”,
  150.                                 “religiouscontributor”: “U”,
  151.                                 “politicalcontributor”: “U”,
  152.                                 “health_institutioncontributor”: “Y”,
  153.                                 “charitable”: “Y”,
  154.                                 “generalcontributor”: “U”,
  155.                                 “donatestoenvironmentalcauses”: “Y”,
  156.                                 “donatesbymail”: “U”,
  157.                                 “veteraninhousehold”: “Y”,
  158.                                 “heavybusinesstravelers”: “”,
  159.                                 “hightechleader”: “U”,
  160.                                 “smoker”: “U”,
  161.                                 “mailorderbuyer”: “Y”,
  162.                                 “onlinepurchasingindicator”: “Y”,
  163.                                 “apparelwomens”: “Y”,
  164.                                 “apparelwomenspetite”: “U”,
  165.                                 “apparelwomensplussizes”: “U”,
  166.                                 “youngwomensapparel”: “U”,
  167.                                 “apparelmens”: “U”,
  168.                                 “apparelmensbigandtall”: “U”,
  169.                                 “youngmensapparel”: “U”,
  170.                                 “apparelchildrens”: “U”,
  171.                                 “healthandbeauty”: “Y”,
  172.                                 “beautycosmetics”: “Y”,
  173.                                 “jewelry”: “Y”,
  174.                                 “luggage”: “Y”,
  175.                                 “community_involvement_causes_supported_financially”: “”,
  176.                                 “animalwelfarecharitabledonation”: “Y”,
  177.                                 “artsorculturalcharitabledonation”: “U”,
  178.                                 “childrenscharitabledonation”: “Y”,
  179.                                 “environment_or_wildlife_charitable_donation”: “”,
  180.                                 “environmentalissuescharitabledonation”: “U”,
  181.                                 “internationalaidcharitabledonation”: “Y”,
  182.                                 “politicalcharitabledonation”: “U”,
  183.                                 “politicalconservativecharitabledonation”: “U”,
  184.                                 “politicalliberalcharitabledonation”: “U”,
  185.                                 “veteranscharitabledonation”: “Y”,
  186.                                 “charitabledonations_other”: “U”,
  187.                                 “communitycharities”: “Y”,
  188.                                 “parenting”: “U”,
  189.                                 “singleparent”: “Y”,
  190.                                 “childrensapparelinfantsandtoddlers”: “U”,
  191.                                 “childrenslearningandactivitytoys”: “U”,
  192.                                 “childrensproductsgeneralbabycare”: “U”,
  193.                                 “childrensproductsgeneralbacktoschool”: “U”,
  194.                                 “childrensproductsgeneral”: “Y”,
  195.                                 “youngadultinhousehold”: “U”,
  196.                                 “senioradultinhousehold”: “U”,
  197.                                 “childrensinterests”: “Y”,
  198.                                 “grandchildren”: “Y”,
  199.                                 “christianfamilies”: “U”,
  200.                                 “equestrian”: “U”,
  201.                                 “otherpetowner”: “Y”,
  202.                                 “careerimprovement”: “U”,
  203.                                 “workingwoman”: “Y”,
  204.                                 “africanamericanprofessionals”: “U”,
  205.                                 “sohoindicator”: “Y”,
  206.                                 “career”: “U”,
  207.                                 “booksandmagazinesmagazines”: “Y”,
  208.                                 “booksandmusicbooks”: “U”,
  209.                                 “booksandmusicbooksaudio”: “U”,
  210.                                 “readinggeneral”: “Y”,
  211.                                 “reading_religious_inspirational”: “”,
  212.                                 “readingsciencefiction”: “Y”,
  213.                                 “readingmagazines”: “Y”,
  214.                                 “readingaudiobooks”: “U”,
  215.                                 “readinggrouping”: “Y”,
  216.                                 “historymilitary”: “U”,
  217.                                 “currentaffairspolitics”: “Y”,
  218.                                 “religiousinspirational”: “Y”,
  219.                                 “sciencespace”: “U”,
  220.                                 “magazines”: “Y”,
  221.                                 “educationonline”: “Y”,
  222.                                 “gaming”: “U”,
  223.                                 “computinghomeofficegeneral”: “Y”,
  224.                                 “dvdsvideos”: “U”,
  225.                                 “electronicsandcomputingtvvideomoviewatcher”: “Y”,
  226.                                 “electronicscomputingandhomeoffice”: “Y”,
  227.                                 “highendappliances”: “U”,
  228.                                 “intendtopurchasehdtvsatellitedish”: “U”,
  229.                                 “musichomestereo”: “U”,
  230.                                 “musicplayer”: “Y”,
  231.                                 “musiccollector”: “U”,
  232.                                 “musicavidlistener”: “Y”,
  233.                                 “moviecollector”: “Y”,
  234.                                 “tvcable”: “U”,
  235.                                 “gamesvideogames”: “Y”,
  236.                                 “tvsatellitedish”: “Y”,
  237.                                 “computers”: “”,
  238.                                 “gamescomputergames”: “Y”,
  239.                                 “consumerelectronics”: “Y”,
  240.                                 “moviemusicgrouping”: “Y”,
  241.                                 “electronicscomputersgrouping”: “Y”,
  242.                                 “telecommunications”: “U”,
  243.                                 “artsandantiquesantiques”: “U”,
  244.                                 “artsandantiquesart”: “U”,
  245.                                 “theaterperformingarts”: “Y”,
  246.                                 “arts”: “U”,
  247.                                 “musicalinstruments”: “Y”,
  248.                                 “collectiblesgeneral”: “Y”,
  249.                                 “collectiblesstamps”: “Y”,
  250.                                 “collectiblescoins”: “Y”,
  251.                                 “collectiblesarts”: “U”,
  252.                                 “collectiblesantiques”: “U”,
  253.                                 “collectoravid”: “Y”,
  254.                                 “collectiblesandantiquesgrouping”: “Y”,
  255.                                 “collectiblessportsmemorabilia”: “U”,
  256.                                 “militarymemorabiliaweaponry”: “U”,
  257.                                 “lifestylesinterestsandpassionscollectibles”: “Y”,
  258.                                 “autowork”: “Y”,
  259.                                 “sewingknittingneedlework”: “Y”,
  260.                                 “woodworking”: “Y”,
  261.                                 “aviation”: “U”,
  262.                                 “houseplants”: “U”,
  263.                                 “crafts”: “Y”,
  264.                                 “homeandgarden”: “Y”,
  265.                                 “gardening”: “”,
  266.                                 “gardening2”: “”,
  267.                                 “homeimprovementgrouping”: “Y”,
  268.                                 “photographyandvideoequipment”: “U”,
  269.                                 “homefurnishingsdecorating”: “Y”,
  270.                                 “homeimprovement”: “Y”,
  271.                                 “intendtopurchasehomeimprovement”: “U”,
  272.                                 “foodwines”: “U”,
  273.                                 “cookinggeneral”: “Y”,
  274.                                 “cooking_gourmet”: “”,
  275.                                 “foodsnatural”: “Y”,
  276.                                 “cookingfoodgrouping”: “Y”,
  277.                                 “gamesboardgamespuzzles”: “U”,
  278.                                 “gamingcasino”: “U”,
  279.                                 “travelgrouping”: “Y”,
  280.                                 “travel”: “”,
  281.                                 “traveldomestic”: “Y”,
  282.                                 “travelinternational”: “U”,
  283.                                 “travelcruisevacations”: “Y”,
  284.                                 “homeliving”: “Y”,
  285.                                 “diyliving”: “Y”,
  286.                                 “sportyliving”: “U”,
  287.                                 “upscaleliving”: “Y”,
  288.                                 “culturalartisticliving”: “U”,
  289.                                 “highbrow”: “Y”,
  290.                                 “hightech_living”: “”,
  291.                                 “commonliving”: “Y”,
  292.                                 “professionalliving”: “Y”,
  293.                                 “broaderliving”: “Y”,
  294.                                 “exercisehealthgrouping”: “Y”,
  295.                                 “exerciserunningjogging”: “U”,
  296.                                 “exercisewalking”: “Y”,
  297.                                 “exerciseaerobic”: “Y”,
  298.                                 “spectatorsportsautomotorcycleracing”: “U”,
  299.                                 “spectatorsportstvsports”: “U”,
  300.                                 “spectatorsportsfootball”: “Y”,
  301.                                 “spectatorsportsbaseball”: “Y”,
  302.                                 “spectatorsportsbasketball”: “U”,
  303.                                 “spectatorsportshockey”: “U”,
  304.                                 “spectatorsportssoccer”: “U”,
  305.                                 “tennis”: “U”,
  306.                                 “snowskiing”: “U”,
  307.                                 “motorcycling”: “U”,
  308.                                 “nascar”: “U”,
  309.                                 “boatingsailing”: “Y”,
  310.                                 “scubadiving”: “U”,
  311.                                 “sportsandleisure”: “Y”,
  312.                                 “hunting”: “U”,
  313.                                 “fishing”: “Y”,
  314.                                 “campinghiking”: “Y”,
  315.                                 “huntingshooting”: “U”,
  316.                                 “sportsgrouping”: “Y”,
  317.                                 “outdoorsgrouping”: “Y”,
  318.                                 “healthmedical”: “Y”,
  319.                                 “dietingweightloss”: “Y”,
  320.                                 “selfimprovement”: “Y”,
  321.                                 “automotiveautopartsandaccessories”: “Y”,
  322.                                 “rdi”: “Y”,
  323.                                 “homeswimmingpoolindicator”: “U”,
  324.                                 “airconditioning”: “U”,
  325.                                 “homeheatindicator”: “U”,
  326.                                 “homepurchaseprice”: “0”,
  327.                                 “homepurchasepricecode”: “0”,
  328.                                 “home_purchase_date_year”: “0”,
  329.                                 “homepurchasedatemonth”: “0”,
  330.                                 “homepurchasedateday”: “0”,
  331.                                 “home_year_built”: “0”,
  332.                                 “estimatedcurrenthomevaluecode”: “M”,
  333.                                 “mortgageamountinthousands”: “0”,
  334.                                 “mortgageamountinthousandscode”: “0”,
  335.                                 “mortgagelendername”: “”,
  336.                                 “mortgagelendernameavailable”: “N”,
  337.                                 “mortgagerate”: “”,
  338.                                 “mortgageratetype”: “U”,
  339.                                 “mortgageloantype”: “U”,
  340.                                 “transactiontype”: “U”,
  341.                                 “deeddateofrefinanceyear”: “0”,
  342.                                 “deeddateofrefinancemonth”: “0”,
  343.                                 “deeddateofrefinanceday”: “0”,
  344.                                 “refinanceamountinthousands”: “0”,
  345.                                 “refinanceamountinthousandscode”: “0”,
  346.                                 “refinancelendername”: “”,
  347.                                 “refinancelendernameavailable”: “N”,
  348.                                 “refinanceratetype”: “U”,
  349.                                 “refinanceloantype”: “U”,
  350.                                 “censusmedianhomevalue”: “002136”,
  351.                                 “censusmedianhouseholdincome”: “00481”,
  352.                                 “cra_incomeclassificationcode”: “2”,
  353.                                 “mostrecentmortgageamount2nd”: “U”,
  354.                                 “purchase2ndmortgageamount”: “U”,
  355.                                 “mostrecentmortgagedate2nd”: “U”,
  356.                                 “purchasemortgagedate”: “U”,
  357.                                 “mostrecentmortgage2ndloantypecode”: “U”,
  358.                                 “purchase2ndmortgageloantypecode”: “U”,
  359.                                 “mostrecentlendercode”: “U”,
  360.                                 “mostrecent2ndlendercode”: “U”,
  361.                                 “purchaselendercode”: “U”,
  362.                                 “mostrecentlendername2nd”: “U”,
  363.                                 “purchase_lender_name”: “”,
  364.                                 “mostrecentmortgage2ndinterestratetype”: “U”,
  365.                                 “purchase2ndmortgageinterestratetype”: “U”,
  366.                                 “mostrecentmortgageinterestrate”: “U”,
  367.                                 “mostrecentmortgage2ndinterestrate”: “U”,
  368.                                 “purchase2ndmortgageinterestrate”: “U”,
  369.                                 “sewer”: “0”,
  370.                                 “water”: “0”,
  371.                                 “loantovalue”: “U”,
  372.                                 “passprospectorvaluehomevaluemortgagefile”: “U”,
  373.                                 “emailflag”: “N”,
  374.                                 “ncoa_effective_date”: “”,
  375.                                 “donotcall”: “0”,
  376.                                 “name”: “[redacted]”,
  377.                                 “email”: “[redacted]”,
  378.                                 “url”: “[redacted]”,
  379.                                 “ip”: “[redacted]”,
  380.                                 “date”: “11/24/2009”,
  381.                                 “individual_match_flag”: “Y”,
  382.                                 “email_score”: “B”

Daily Dish 072318

LINK: Smartphone addiction: big tech’s balancing act over responsibility and revenue  [FT]

 Dr Greenfield also questions whether the companies are introducing the measures simply to improve their own image, in the face of shareholder and public criticism. “It is hard not to be a little sceptical about their intentions,” he says, adding that the problem has been around for a long time — he wrote his first book on tech addiction in 1999 — but the companies have taken 20 years to respond.






Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming [Guardian]

The simplest way to make sure that we raise literate children is to teach them to read, and to show them that reading is a pleasurable activity. And that means, at its simplest, finding books that they enjoy, giving them access to those books, and letting them read the

The Prada Flame Shirt Is Performance Art  [NewYorker]

It belongs not to any one season but to a years-long period of decadence characterized by the parallel trends of street-stylish elegance and proudly obstinate ugliness.

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Mediaeater Digest for Saturday 21st July, 2018 : Weekend Edition

Live Stream Guide

Pitchfork is live streaming sets from Pitchfork Music Festival 2018 

Pitchfork 2018 Red + Green Stages Sunday 

[The Circle Of HOPE]  Live streams 

The Circle of HOPE will take place on July 20, 21, and 22, 2018 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. H.O.P.E. stands for Hackers On Planet Earth, one of the most creative and diverse hacker events in the world. It’s been happening since 1994.


Egypt targets social media with new law [reuters]

Under the law passed on Monday social media accounts and blogs with more than 5,000 followers on sites such as Twitter and Facebook will be treated as media outlets, which makes them subject to prosecution for publishing false news or incitement to break the law.

The bill prohibits the establishment of websites without obtaining a license from the Supreme Council and allows it to suspend or block existing websites, or impose fines on editors.

My perfect summer   [FT]

How to holiday: ambassadors, adventurers and chefs on the art of the great getaway

Hyperallergic Required Reading  [HypperAllergic]

She Gave Millions to Artists Without Credit. Until Now.  [NYT]

The artist Carrie Mae Weems recalls sitting at her desk in Syracuse in 2014 “feeling very anonymous and misunderstood and trying to figure out how to make some new work” when she got the call.

“I was offered this extraordinary gift,” she said. “It was important, because I needed the money, but more than anything, I needed the encouragement and the support to keep making, to keep pushing — to continue to work in spite of all of the pressures.”

Tech’s Innovators Are Starting to Ask Permission, Rather Than Forgiveness [WSJ]

Fresh off their battle with ride-sharing and apartment-renting businesses, regulators are writing the playbook for reining in free-wheeling startups

Activating Public Space’: A High Line Art Walk with Curator Cecilia Alemani

Art abounds on the High Line in New York, where locals and tourists alike stroll the elevated former train track with a mix of bemusement and obliviousness while happening upon work by major artists from all over. “Agora,” a group exhibition that opened in April and runs until March 2019, plays with that mix to consider what Cecilia Alemani, the director and chief curator of High Line Art, called “the public sphere and the role of art and artists in activating public space.”

Collection of TensorFlow.js projects,

 Try the Neural Melody Autocompletion Play and hold a melody or chord using a MIDI controller or computer keyboard. A neural network will pick up where you left off and it’ll keep playing for as long as you hold the keys down. Using the Improv RNN (pretrained) model from Google Magenta, and Magenta.js + TensorFlow.js + Tone.j

How Twitter Became The Number One Social Network For Nudists [Atlantic]

he’s part of the thriving community of nudists on Twitter who have flocked to the platform after most others have made a policy of censoring or banning images of naked bodies. Nudists on Facebook have had their profiles suspended after failing to properly crop or censor their photos. On Instagram, they’ve been penalized for showing female nipples or too much pubic hair. Tumblr allows NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content, but nudists say the platform is so overrun with spam that it’s unusable.

PeerTube, the “Decentralized YouTube”, succeeds in crowdfunding  [quarity]

Unlike YouTube, PeerTube does not display default ads. ” In terms of monetization, we wanted to make a neutral tool, ” says Pouhiou. For now, a simple “support” button allows videographers to direct their viewers to Tipee, Patreon, Paypal and other donation tools. But in the future, Framasoft hopes that ” people will be able to code their own monetization system

RIBA Stirling Prize 2018 shortlist announced [dezeen]
RIBA Stirling Prize

The RIBA Stirling Prize is awarded annually to the best building in the UK.

The RIBA Stirling Prize is judged against a range of criteria including design vision; innovation and originality; capacity to stimulate, engage and delight occupants and visitors; accessibility and sustainability; how fit the building is for its purpose and the level of client satisfaction.

In 2017 the RIBA Stirling Prize was awarded to Hastings Pier, by dRMM Architects.

VIDEO: Velodyne LiDAR VLS-128™ – Around San Francisco [youtube]

Introducing the World’s most capable Lidar for Autonomous Vehicles. The Velodyne VLS-128 is the world’s most advanced LiDAR sensor. As a culmination of ten years of LiDAR development and learning from millions of road miles, the VLS-128 is a sensor specifically made for autonomous driving and advanced vehicle safety at highway speeds. It provides real-time 3D data up to 0.1-degree vertical and horizontal resolution with up to 300-meter range and 360° surround view. The VLS-128 provides the range, resolution and accuracy required by the most advanced autonomous vehicle programs in the world.

VIDEO:  The Performers: Act VII | HIROSHI ISHIGURO   [youtube]

In ‘The Performers’ Act VII #Gucci and British GQ’s video series, the film opens with Erica—a robot created by Hiroshi Ishiguro—asking “Lately, I’ve been wondering what is the distinction between you and me?” referring to the differences between humans and robots.  Director: Barbara Anastacio


Lens:  What Do Facial Recognition Technologies Mean for Our Privacy? [nyt]

 By showing viewers in clear, visual terms how facial recognition systems read and understand people, Mr. Paglen, Mr. Chanarin and Mr. Broomberg want to help viewers question their perceptual accuracy. They ultimately want viewers to look beyond the systems’ own veneer of anonymity and to see those systems for what they are: the products of human beings with their own distinct prejudices and preferences.

AnyVision AI startup locks in $28M for its body and facial recognition tech  [Tech Crunch]

even the operator in the control center cannot see your face because the mathematical models just represent the persons of interest.”

Ethics Panel delivers recommendations for use of facial recognition [UK GOV]

“The Met has shared information with the Ethics Panel about how it uses the technology, the trials and some possibilities for future use. We have made a series of key recommendations, which we think should be addressed before any further trials are carried out. We believe it is important facial recognition technology remains the subject of ethical scrutiny.”

Inside Cuomo’s plan to have your face scanned at NYC toll plazas [NY POST] 

“Because many times a person will turn their head when they see a security camera, so they are now experimenting with technology that just identifies a person by their ear, believe it or not,” he continued.

The tech is being tested at the RFK/Triborough Bridge and was switched on at Queens Midtown Tunnel and Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel Friday, according to the Governor’s Office

Facebook Suspends Analytics Firm on Concerns About Sharing of Public User-Data

Facebook says it was probing whether data-analytics firm Crimson Hexagon’s government contracts comply with Facebook policies..
CH response:Understanding the Role of Public Online Data in Society Consumer data can serve as a focus group, but how should it be used?


Decentralized Web Summit 2018: Global Visions / Working Code

The Internet Archive‘s Decentralized Web Summit is dedicated to creating the web we want [and the web we deserve]. We are convening those who want to build a web that…

Remembers. Forgets. That’s safe. That cares about people. That’s a marketplace. That’s a public square. That learns. That’s magical. That’s fun. A web with many winners. A web that’s locked open for good.

NP:   The Ophelias – Almost (2018)

GearProduct that disguises your phone charging cable as a VGA style D-SUB connector  

Daily Dish 072018

Mediaeater Digest 20th July 2018

Live Today

[The Circle Of HOPE]  Live streams 

The Circle of HOPE will take place on July 20, 21, and 22, 2018 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. H.O.P.E. stands for Hackers On Planet Earth, one of the most creative and diverse hacker events in the world. It’s been happening since 1994.

Live Streams The Aspen Institute Security Forum

Video from the 2018 Aspen Security Forum will be broadcast



Data Transfer Project 

The Data Transfer Project was formed in 2017 to create an open-source, service-to-service data portability platform so that all individuals across the web could easily move their data between online service providers whenever they want.

The contributors to the Data Transfer Project believe portability and interoperability are central to innovation. Making it easier for individuals to choose among services facilitates competition, empowers individuals to try new services and enables them to choose the offering that best suits their needs.

contributors include: FB, Google MSFT, Twitter.

Inside China’s surveillance state  [FT]

Residents were unwilling to talk on the record about their experiences, for fear of repercussions, but it is clear that normal life has changed irrevocably for the Uighurs. Tahir Hamut, a Uighur poet and film-maker who fled China and is now based in the US, tells the FT about the day he and his wife were ordered to visit their local police station and leave voice recordings, fingerprints, DNA swabs and, of course, high-resolution video footage of their faces making various expression

A Global Guide to State-Sponsored Trolling  []

Some regimes use techniques like those Russia deployed to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election, while others are riffing in homegrown ways. And an informal but burgeoning industry of bot brokers and trolls-for-hire has sprung up to assist. The efforts have succeeded in many cases, sending journalists into exile or effectively silencing online expression.

Farewell, Google Maps  []   (As big co’s API’s get deprecated other solutions emerge.)

On a positive note we were impressed by the quality of open source code for operating maps (Leaflet). Some advanced functions which we had implement ourselves on Google side were readily available in Leaflet.

For people starting development of a startup making heavy use of maps, we would recommend using Leaflet and independent map vendors and avoiding dependence on Google.



Video:  Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (1999)

The work, a video, is a compilation of found footage from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s underground music and party scene in the U.K. It follows on the path of several previous appropriative art video artists and critics have remarked on its similarities with William S. Burroughs’ technique of cut-ups,[8] a literary technique whereupon a text’s sentences or words are cut up and later randomly re-hashed into a new text. Through “found and original footage of discos and raves across Britain during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s” he “chronicle[s] the rites of passage experienced by successive generations of British (sub)urban youth”.[3]

Book:  Sasa J. Machtig: Systems, Structures, Strategies [idea books]

Saša J. Mächtig is one of the most prominent creative forces in Slovenian industrial design. His best-known and most influential work is Kiosk K67, whose modular design and complex system of elements represents the very essence both of his larger design philosophy and practice. Mächtig’s approach is systemic, with individual products and design strategies consistently conceived as part of a wider system that can develop, grow and change. According to him, urban space should not be furnished with individual, self-sufficient objects, but should instead offer open systems of flexible structures to create active areas that facilitate daily rituals, exchange of information and the participation of all. The publication reflects Mächtig’s systemic thought, interdisciplinary work, concept designs and end products, while showcasing the process of creation, from first concepts and project variations to extensive research, testing in public space and marketing campaigns.


Daily Dish 071818



M.E.D. Thursday 18 July 2018

 Airbnb will have to turn over addresses of rental properties on its site to New York’s Office of Special Enforcement, along with the names of hosts and information about how much of each property is available for rent and whether it is a primary residence. Rentals of less than 30 days are not allowed in most apartment buildings, unless the owner is present. According to a report earlier this year, which was partly funded by the hotel industry, around two-thirds of Airbnb’s income in New York comes from rentals that violate this rule.

Live Streams The Aspen Institute Security Forum

9:00 – 10:00 AM MDT
Securing the Homeland
The Homeland Security Secretary briefs us on the security challenges the nation faces and how the Department and its partners, domestic and foreign, are working together to meet them.

Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security
Moderator: Peter Alexander, National Correspondent, NBC News

Confronting Our Fears of Looking at the Unknown [HyperAllergic]

The lover is never able to see themselves from the perspective of the other looking at them. What we learn in Reed’s mural, as in many fairytales, is that when we are unable to fully grasp the space of the other, we tend to be intimidated or unsatisfied. Often, we read the unknown as threatening, but can eventually discover that within this daunting unknown can lay an unexpected tenderness. Ultimately, Reed’s mural reminds us, it’s not all in the eye of the beholder.

Saul Leiter review – the quiet genius who made the mundane beautiful [Guardian]

Half a dozen quotes by Leiter are stencilled on the walls of the gallery. One reads: “There is a tremendous advantage of being unimportant.” Another reads: “In some secret place in my being was a desire to avoid success.” Both give you some idea of Leiter’s temperament and the ways it informed the unhurried pursuit of his art. The almost devotional hush in the gallery as people peer at these images is testimony to a life devoted to the quiet pursuit of a singular vision and the avoidance of such distractions as fame or even recognition. For Leiter, simply looking at the world was enough.

Scale’s mission is to accelerate the development of AI by democratizing access to intelligent data. Our suite of managed labeling services such as Sensor Fusion Annotation2D Box Annotation3D Cuboid AnnotationSemantic Segmentation, and Categorization combine manual labeling with best in class tools and machine driven checks to yield stunningly accurate training data.

Daily Dish 071418

Mediaeater Digest Weekend Edition July 14-15th

Link roundup

A new hope: AI for news media  [TechCrunch]

If the news media wants to affect how news content is created, developed, presented and delivered to us in the future, they need to take an active role in AI development.

If news organizations want to understand the way data and information are constantly affected and manipulated in digital environments, they need to start embracing the possibilities of machine learning.  Hand with smartphone, e-news concept. Casual young man using mobile app to read online newspaper

Principles (Introduction) Continuations by Albert Wenger

I am interested in principles that represent a “fundamental truth” that serves as the “foundation” of all knowledge and hence has “numerous special applications.”

What is an example of such a principle? Feedback: entity A influencing entity B, which in turn influences entity A. There are quite a few truths we have figured out about both positive feedback and negative feedback.

Q&A with digital media expert Matthew Ball on Apple’s original content push [NBC]

That said, we can read a lot into what they’re not doing — no catalogue licensing, no movies, and only a dozen U.S.-originated original [shows] are likely to be released annually, at least to star

High-profile health app under scrutiny after doctors’ complaints   [FT]

The Financial Times tested Babylon’s symptom checker to understand its response to the two conditions at the centre of the first complaint. When told a 66-year-old obese male smoker was experiencing sudden chest pain and excessive sweating, Babylon suggested 9 out of 10 people with similar symptoms were likely to be having a panic attack and made no mention of the risk of a heart attack.

pure-Go small home internet router [GITHUB]

router7 is a pure-Go implementation of a small home internet router. It comes with all the services required to make a fiber7 internet connection work (DHCPv4, DHCPv6, DNS, etc.).



David Wojnarowicz: History Keeps Me Awake at Night Jul 13–Sep 30, 2018 Whitney NYC

Beginning in the late 1970s, David Wojnarowicz (1954–1992) created a body of work that spanned photography, painting, music, film, sculpture, writing, and activism. Largely self-taught, he came to prominence in New York in the 1980s, a period marked by creative energy, financial precariousness, and profound cultural changes. Intersecting movements—graffiti, new and no wave music, conceptual photography, performance, and neo-expressionist painting—made New York a laboratory for innovation.

Wojnarowicz refused a signature style, adopting a wide variety of techniques with an attitude of radical possibility. Distrustful of inherited structures—a feeling amplified by the resurgence of conservative politics—he varied his repertoire to better infiltrate the prevailing culture.

(Above) David Wojnarowicz (1954–1992) with Tom Warren, Self-Portrait of David Wojnarowicz, 1983–84. Acrylic and collaged paper on gelatin silver print, 60 × 40 in.

David Byrne: ‘American Utopia’ tour

David Byrne: ‘How real do you need to be?’  [FT 7-14-18]

Ingeniously conceived and choreographed, the production features Byrne and his troupe of musicians in an empty space bounded by three metal chain walls, playing wireless, portable instruments, each person with sensors that trigger their own lighting.

A year in the planning, it is in fact the fruition of decades of thinking about live performance. “In the very beginning with Talking Heads the idea was, let’s go back to ground zero,” he says. “Let’s strip away everything that’s been accumulated in pop music as far as how you are meant to move and what you are supposed to wear, how you’re supposed to be on stage.”


Michiko Kakutani: By the Book

The Times’s former chief book critic, and author of “The Death of Truth,” doesn’t think in terms of genre: “J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books are no more Y.A. reading, to me, than John le Carré’s Smiley novels are spy stories.”

As a critic you had a good overview of literary styles and trends over the years. What strikes you now as the most significant, and why?

One development I noticed that accelerated in the last two decades or so was the outpouring of stellar work about the immigrant experience, often by writers who were themselves immigrants or second-generation Americans — including Marlon James, Edwidge Danticat, Gary Shteyngart, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Junot Díaz, Jhumpa Lahiri, Dinaw Mengestu, Ocean Vuong, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Tea Obreht, Colum McCann and Yaa Gyasi.

Such writers are part of a long tradition of outsiders (from Nabokov to Henry Roth to Chang-rae Lee), whose stereoscopic view of the world makes them keen observers of America. At the same time, their work reminds us what an essential role immigrants have played in America and in the forging of the American dream.

New Music : Laurel HaloRaw Silk Uncut Wood

A six-track mini-album on Paris label Latency features collaborations with Oliver Coates and percussionist Eli Keszler. inspired by Halo’s film score work with Dutch design studio Metahaven on a documentary called Possessed and Ursula Le Guin’s translation of the Tao Te Ching, a key text of Taoism.

The artwork is ‘Prince S’, a 2017 painting by Jill Mulleady.





Thread (s)

Wait, no, … of course it totally fits Elon…

Crime does not pay…


This Tweets has new context

And works well with this one post Sept DNC hack…using their
new found data to optimize ….


Some countries are living their best selves 

Others not so much…now or then

Reign of terror, then and now.


They were the key operatives in plain sight and it took a DOJ inditement
to get their accounts eg. their weapons take away / suspended… 



Hashtag that makes you feel good….    #InMyFeelingsChallenge



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Daily Dish 071318

My everyday mosh pit of links, information and tools.

Live: Stream 11:45 Eastern

Today at 11:45AM ET: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will hold a press conference for a law enforcement announcement.

Two Senators Call for Investigation of Smart TV Industry  [NYT]

“Regrettably,” the senators wrote, “smart-TV users may not be aware of the extent to which their televisions are collecting sensitive information about their viewing habits.” The letter went on to argue that Samba TV “does not provide sufficient information about its privacy practices to ensure users can make truly informed decisions.”

All Ears: Always-On Listening Devices Could Soon Be Everywhere  [WSJ]

Tiny microphones are moving us toward a world where all gadgets can respond to a voice command

This Russian Company Knows What You Like on Facebook [NYT]

 On June 29, Facebook revealed to congressional investigators that it granted, a Russian internet company with close ties to the Kremlin, a special extension of the Facebook policy that allowed thousands of application developers access to massive amounts of user data. ran applications on Facebook for years before 2015, allowing it to delve into Facebook profiles and activity from millions of users around the world. This was standard Facebook policy. Thousands of companies that built applications on the Facebook platform had access to potentially millions of users’ information.

Have I been pwned and spam lists of personal information

Including widely circulating spam lists helps HIBP users assess the overall exposure of their personal data. Subscribers expect to be notified when their data is misused in this way.

‘;–have i been pwned?

 TL/DR – You prob have, plug in your email address and see.

Seedbank : Collection of Interactive Machine Learning Examples

We call them “seeds”. Each seed is a machine learning example you can start playing with. Explore, learn and grow them into whatever you like.

Try the  Variational auto-encoder for music.
MusicVAE learns a latent space of musical sequences, providing different modes of interactive musical creation, including:

  • Random sampling from the prior distribution.
  • Interpolation between existing sequences.
  • Manipulation of existing sequences via a latent constraint model.

Catch up…

US Department of Commerce released a report (PDF) on the threat of botnets from May

Enhancing the Resilience of the Internet and Communications Ecosystem Against Botnets and Other Automated, Distributed Threats

While some actions directly related to the federal government are clearly appropriate for the government to lead, this model provides a way for stakeholders to collaborate with government as they move forward on those actions that are best accomplished through private-sector leadership.


70th Emmy Awards Nominations Announcements July 12, 2018

Number of Nominations by Platform (with 10 or more nomations)












FX Networks












Prime Video






National Geographic













 Rana Begum, whose “No. 814” (2018)  in Regent’s Park