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Title image : Trevor Paglen, National Security Agency, Ft. Meade, Maryland; National Reconnaissance Office, Chantilly, Virginia; National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Springfield, Virginia, 2014, chromogenic prints, Smithsonian American Art Museum, © 2014, Trevor Paglen. Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures., Museum purchase made possible by the American Art Forum, 2014.57A-C

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Mediaeater Digest for Monday 6.11.18


$40+ billion wiped off the crypto landscape



US Politics

Local media starting to show the impact of attacks.


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  • Human by Gábor Arion Kudász
  • Le feu by Pauline Hisbacq
  • 515-05 by Alexgd
  • Lingering Ghosts by Sam IvinArion KudaszSam Ivin


Almost forgot ! the book from the ground breaking exhibition (named and co-curated by yours truly)


Public, Private, Secret: On Photography and the Configuration of Self

By Charlotte CottoWith Marina Chao and Pauline VermareContributions by Lacy Austin, David A. Banks, Ben Burbridge, Dan Bustillo, common room, Mark Ghuneim, Johanna Hedva, Romke Hoogwaerts, Elizabeth Kilroy, Joseph Maida, Marisa Olson, David Reinfurt, Daniel Rubinstein, and Lucas Wrench





  • Mathew Cerletty (Karma)




Cover: Dots by Lorna Simpson

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  • Bonnaroo – From 7:15 ET
  • A Russian Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft will arrive at the International Space Station today (June 8) and you can watch it live  [8;15 AM EDT]
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Trevor Paglen: Sites Unseen    JUNE 21, 2018 — JANUARY 6, 2019
Smithsonian American Art Museum (8th and F Streets, NW) Washington, DC.

Trevor Paglen, STSS-1 and Two Unidentified Spacecraft over Carson City (Space Tracking and Surveillance System, USA 205), 2010, chromogenic print, Smithsonian American Art Museum, © 2010, Trevor Paglen, Gift of Mike Wilkins and Sheila Duignan, 2012.24.1

Trevor Paglen blurs the lines between art, science, and investigative journalism to construct unfamiliar and at times unsettling ways to see and interpret the world around us. Inspired by the landscape tradition, he captures the same horizon seen by American photographers Timothy O’Sullivan in the nineteenth century and Ansel Adams in the twentieth. Only in Paglen’s photographs is the infrastructure of surveillance also apparent—a classified military installation, a spy satellite, a tapped communications cable, a drone, an artificial intelligence (AI).


“I Was Raised on the Internet”  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago  June 23–October 14

Was Raised on the Internet focuses on how the internet has changed the way we experience the world. Due to new types of gaming and entertainment and the rise of social media and alternative modes of representation, the everyday is no longer what it used to be. The ways we interact with each other have shifted through the connected nature of telecommunications devices across the internet, including mobile applications, social media platforms, and large search engines that have become everyday tools for individuals from all walks of life. New modes, not only of seeing but also of feeling, have emerged in response to this.

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Piet Mondrian with Broadway Boogie Woogie 1942-43 by Fritz Glarner [h/t]



Suicide is a growing problem in the United States. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a survey Thursday showing suicide rates increased by 25% across the United States over nearly two decades ending in 2016. Twenty-five states experienced a rise in suicides by more than 30%, the government report finds.


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  • “intelligent edge”. Where AI goes to process
    “Satya Nadella, Microsoft chief executive, has been one of the main proponents of a mixed computing architecture for AI, supplementing the cloud with what he calls the “intelligent edge”.”   FT


  • Yuri Pattison, dust scraper fan 4.2 (context collapse archive 05.18)
    Custom made perspex IU format server case, power supply unit, bench power supply adapter, cables, fans, thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display, Raspberry Pi, cables, USD drive, digital video, shredded Times newspaper, novelty ‘Hacker’ diplomatic passport, combination cam lock, 5 x 65.5 x 43 cm, 2018


  • 5 years ago Edward Snowden revealed through journalists that the NSA was conducting the largest domestic mass surveillance program in American history.
  • 37 years ago today, the CDC reported the first cases of HIV/AIDS.


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Lexicon, reason, framing and positioning
  • “Radicalized recommendation engine”   
  • AI will replace ‘tasks’ not jobs.  (the new don’t be worried phrase around automation and AI)


From yesterdays M.E.D.  A poster from the NSA archive thats relevancy has only increased over time,



Daily Dish. 6.4.18

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The Magnum Square Print Sale– five days only, over 100 archival-quality prints by some of the world’s leading photographic artists are available for $100 each.
All prints will be signed by the artists or estate-stamped.

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