Daily Dish. 062618

M.E.D.  6.26.18

MIT 35 Innovators Under 35 2018

WAF World Building of the Year 2018 shortlist announced .  (So thats where the Elmhurst Gas Tanks went -ed)

Teaching Uncalibrated Robots to Visually Self-Adapt  [Google AI Blog]

Inside Facebook and Twitter’s secret meetings with Trump aides and conservative leaders who say tech is biased [WaPo]


Dorsey hoped to use the dinner as a way to build “trust” among conservatives who have long chastised the company, three of the people said. He defended Twitter against accusations that it targeted right-leaning users unfairly but still admitted that the company has room for improvement, according to the attendees.

The summer of hope  The Courage to Change | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  [YouTube]

How Twitter is fighting spam and malicious automation [Twitter Blog] Twitter to require email or phone number confirmation for new accounts, place a warning sign by suspicious accounts, and is using ML to find problematic ones  (More of these types of improvements please, less stickers, bookmarks etc -ed)

We’re also moving rapidly to curb spam and abuse originating via Twitter’s APIsIn Q1 2018, we suspended more than 142,000 applications in violation of our rules — collectively responsible for more than 130 million low-quality, spammy tweets.

Norwegian Consumer Council warns against dark patterns in Facebook and Google [pdf] (forbrukerradet.no)

Big data creating ‘two sided markets’    Thread –> []

1. The politics of big data platforms like Facebook and Google is developing in very different ways on the two sides of the Atlantic. We saw this today in a US Supreme Court ruling and in European Parliament hearings on Facebook. Both have to do with “two sided markets.”

Reality Winner, N.S.A. Contractor Accused in Leak, Pleads Guilty  [NYT]

Ms. Winner, who was honorably discharged from the Air Force in 2016, was working as a contractor for the National Security Agency when she obtained a copy of a report that described hacks by a Russian intelligence service against local election officials and a company that sold software related to voter registration.   (Whistle blower gets leak treatment, sentence tbd -ed)