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  • “intelligent edge”. Where AI goes to process
    “Satya Nadella, Microsoft chief executive, has been one of the main proponents of a mixed computing architecture for AI, supplementing the cloud with what he calls the “intelligent edge”.”   FT


  • Yuri Pattison, dust scraper fan 4.2 (context collapse archive 05.18)
    Custom made perspex IU format server case, power supply unit, bench power supply adapter, cables, fans, thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display, Raspberry Pi, cables, USD drive, digital video, shredded Times newspaper, novelty ‘Hacker’ diplomatic passport, combination cam lock, 5 x 65.5 x 43 cm, 2018


  • 5 years ago Edward Snowden revealed through journalists that the NSA was conducting the largest domestic mass surveillance program in American history.
  • 37 years ago today, the CDC reported the first cases of HIV/AIDS.