Daily Dish 5.22.2018

Mediaeater Digest Vol 35 Issue

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Live stream:  EP Conference of Presidents with Mark ZUCKERBERG – founder and CEO of Facebook

Growing up with AI: How can families play and learn with their new smart toys and companions? Providing kids with the tools and access to AI education will create a generation who are not simply passive consumers of this technology but, rather, active creators and shapers of its future.

Quantum Physics May Be Even Spookier Than You Think It is the central question in quantum mechanics, and no one knows the answer: What really happens in a superposition—the peculiar circumstance in which particles seem to be in two or more places or states at once?

How a Digital Rabbit Hole Gave Midori Takada’s 1983 Album a Second Life The Japanese composer and percussionist Midori Takada released “Through the Looking Glass” in 1983. Three decades later, a YouTube algorithm introduced it to a world of new listeners

Comcast website bug leaks Xfinity customer data A bug in Comcast’s website used to activate Xfinity routers can return sensitive information on the company’s customers.

82-Year-Old Proves You’re Never Too Old to Code The app has garnered nearly 5 stars on the Apple App Store, and roughly 53,000 downloads worldwide, since its debut a year ago; Wakamiya is now busy planning future versions in English, Chinese and possibly French.

Meet the 2018 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies . Thanks for the plain text list interface.

Buying Satellite Imagery:  Pricing Information for High Resolution Satellite Imagery

Amazon Teams Up With Law Enforcement to Deploy Dangerous New Face Recognition Technology The company has developed a powerful and dangerous new facial recognition system and is actively helping governments deploy it. Amazon calls the service “Rekognition.”

Quotes &  Lexicon watch/.

“discredited people become bankrupt.”
Hou Yunchun, former deputy director of the development research center of the State Council

data needs to be kept hot  eg “hot data”

“lit trading”  vs “dark pool” trading

“casts doubt”, “shadow profiles”